I Heart T-Shirts!

I was organizing my stuff inside my luggage when I suddenly thought of blogging about my love for t-shirts! Random. Feeling ko kase kinontian ko na yung dala kong shirts, because I’m trying to outgrow them ehehe! pero, medyo madami pa din pala habang naghahalungkat ako ehehehe!

*Thoughts keep filling my head while I spend my Saturday night at my super-cold-flat, so forgive my random post (and yet again!). :D*

I’ve always loved wearing t-shirts for as long as I could remember! When I was in gradeschool, I remember my fave color for shirts was baby pink! Hahaha! When I was in high school, my fave was a combo of black and white,gray and shades of blue. And I remember my fave brands were Wacky and Particles. I know Particles still exists until now, but Wacky? I haven’t noticed it now. :) Nag-iipon talaga ako nun, just so I could buy those shirts ehehe! When I was in college, I had the same preference, but adding Bunny, Paddocks and Freego to the list of fave brands. I think these are among the most affordable ones in department stores. :) Practical buyer ako! :D

Even as I grow older, when I get into malls, I can’t help myself but search for t-shirts (especially when they’re on sale!) :p Ang nagbago lang, mas madalas na’ko naghahanap ng mga kakaibang designs—ayoko ng may kapareho kaya kung maaari, iniiwasan ko yung mga may tatak. Pero minsan di rin maiwasan, especially pag naka-marked down na sila! =p

As I was organizing my clothes, napansin ko lang na may similarities mga trip kong shirts. And here’s how I group them:

Statement Shirts:
Statement Shirts  --click on image for a full view :)

One of the things that I consider about a shirt is what’s written on them—because I believe wearing those statements reflects ones personality.

• World without Strangers – Got this shirt from Jakarta; because I was an expat there, and most people are strangers to me, na-tripan ko ang shirt na ‘to! =p
• Bum – This is not a shirt, I know. :D Bum, brand yan ehehe! But it seemed to have described my state at that time, as I was unemployed when I was wearing it!
• Conquer the World – obviously, that’s one of my BIGGEST dreams! :)
• Me, Myself and I – Self-centered? Nahh more like describing my being independent :)

I Love… Shirts

I Love... Shirts  --click on image for a full view :)

• I <3 Chuck and I Love Converse – They’re the same; yes I love Converse :)
• Coffee – It should have been “I’m Addicted to Coffee”! hehehe! Got this from a thrift store, worn this once in Singapore and Malaysia last Nov 2010, and eventually lost it nung nagpalaba ako sa Orange Hamper Laundry Shop! :/
• I Love [Place] – I’m not really into collecting this kind of shirts; wala lang akong choice nyan sa Bohol. I really had to buy one and wear immediately kase sobrang pawis na’ko sa sobrang init during the tour! Haha!
• I <3 Boys? Seriously, ‘di ko lam ba’t binili ko ‘to nung 2010! Hehe! Since I bought this, once ko pa lang ‘to nasusuot, di na naulit! Haha! Nahihiya ako eh! wahaha! :D

Girl on Shirt

Girl on Shirt  --click on image for a full view :)

One of my faves also are prints like these—girl on shirt. Ewan ko, basta, type ko lang! :D Most of my shirts with designs like these are from thrift store hehe!

Checkers / Designs in Squares

Checkers / Designs in Squares  --click on image for a full view :)

Designs in squares are among my faves also. Hmmm the gray one in the middle is also a statement shirt hehehe! :D I haven’t worn the two shirts yet, kase masikip pa ng konti sa ‘kin! Ehehe! Ambitious kase ako na kasya sakin ang small eh! ;p Most of this kind of shirts were bought on sale.

Love and Peace!

Love and Peace!  --click on image for a full view :)

Oh yeah! Heart and Peace signs, I love them! Hehehe!

And why do I love t-shirts?
• They’re easy and comfy to wear.
• They occupy less space in the backpack, so very convenient for travelling.
• At madaling labhan (hahaha!)

And oh by the way, I’m not fond of wearing WHITE t-shirts—hehe (para sakin) lalong nakakataba, feeling ko see-through ‘pag white, at madaling madumihan (or should I say, halata ang dumi!). :D

So that’s all for my love for t-shirts! :D
*Grabe, inabot ako ng 5am, para dito! Hahaha!*



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