my shUttered life

[No new contents since 2012. :p Instagram is where I mostly post my photos now.]

I had this sudden urge to create a photoblog, apart from my deviantArt page, which I constantly update everytime I get a nice shot hehe! :D I just felt like creating a photoblog but then again, I am too lazy to maintain a separate blog for such interest… And so I decided to just add this page and post some of my shots! :D

Click on the links below for my photo archives since I started this interest called [experimental] PHOTOGRAPHY! :D

2012 – Proyekto Tresaisingko [PROJECT DISCONTINUED! –as usual hahaha!]

2011 – 2011 shuttered pieces

2011 shuttered pieces

2010 – Psymer-Shots [most of my shots in 2010 were taken using EOS 1000D…yey! i finally got myself a DSLR]

Pre-2010 – Early Attempts at Photography [with my Casio P&S]

Early Attempts at Photography

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