2012 Proyekto Tresaisingko

This is another attempt at Project 365, but I decided to do the countdown from January 9, 2012 until January 8, 2013–to coincide with my contract term here in my new job. hehehe! pauso lang! [Ang totoo nyan ay…hehehe lam na! :D]

This isn’t just the usual a-photo-a-day stuff; this is also to document my everyday struggles (struggles talaga oh! hehe) as an OFW (Over-Fatigued Worker? ahaha). Dahil ini-expect ko na magiging busy ako (what’s new?), there would be times na wala ako’ng mapo-post na pix–kaya idadaan ko na lang sa kwento! :D


February 2012 Archive —click! click! click!

February 2012 - Photo of the Month - for updating :)


January 2012 Archive —click! click! click!

JANUARY 2012 - Photo of the Month! :)

2 thoughts on “2012 Proyekto Tresaisingko

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