14 for 2014: A Year-end Review

…supposed to be. And as I usually do.

But this year has been a bit different, I guess. I haven’t done a mid-year review on my bucketlist; I was too lazy to do it, plus I felt that (which is true) there was not much accomplishment, so I let it pass. Things changed, and plans were messed up at some point. So I kept silent (lalala!) But now, I am feeling obliged to do a yearend assessment as to my 2014 bucketlist. So here it goes!

1. Chase Aurora Borealis in Iceland or in any Nordic country
Done! Yey! This was a birthday gift to myself—celebrating my being 30! How cool is that! Haha! After 5 hours of waiting in the freezing cold during the night before my birthday, the heavens finally made a show, just in time for my birthday! Happy.


I Heart T-Shirts!

I was organizing my stuff inside my luggage when I suddenly thought of blogging about my love for t-shirts! Random. Feeling ko kase kinontian ko na yung dala kong shirts, because I’m trying to outgrow them ehehe! pero, medyo madami pa din pala habang naghahalungkat ako ehehehe! *Thoughts keep filling my head while I spend…