15for2015: Philippines – That Island Called Palaui

It was supposed to be Batanes, one of my dream Philippine destinations, but because I wasn’t able to get flight deals (and because I am not willing to pay the regular price of the flight), I ended up booking for a flight to go to a Batanes-like destination–Palaui Island.

April 2015 (Summer–very summer!)

It was a one-way plane ticket to the hottest city (they say) in the Philippines, Tuguegarao, and then Jillian and I took it from there!

Cape Engano, Palaui, Cagayan Valley, PH - 2015

2012 Indonesia and I: Visiting Pulau Pari (Pari Island)

Strike a pose! :)  --click on image for a full view :)

It was during June of 2012 that I came to realize that Indonesia’s the largest archipelago in the world! And by archipelago, that means, like the Philippines, it’s made up of thousands of islands, which made me dream of invading each of the major ones. :) And first on the list was Pulau Pari.

A Paradise called Apo Reef Island

*This is a guest post from a friend, Chad “Tsadiktus” Mercado*

apo reef_final03

When I was asked by my friends, whom I invited for this trip, on what we are going to do on the island, I definitely didn’t know what to answer, so I just said – “you know, the usual, appreciating mother nature’s beauty while reflecting on what’s currently happening with your life.” But seriously, there’s nothing much to do in the island, aside from the usual diving or snorkelling activity. So why did we still choose this place despite the expected long travel and hassle? Well, simply because the island itself, for me, is like a paradise, and i believe, beneath this island lies another paradise – the underwater kingdom, and above all these is our great paradise.

Camiguin (Part 2 of 2): Two Islands, A Waterfall and Our Sun-kissed Skin

White Island, Camiguin, Philippines ---Click on image for a full view :)

Our itinerary for Day 2 in Camiguin included island-hopping and visiting a waterfall, and I thought it would be the most hassling experience in my swimming life (may swimming life tlaga ako oh?! Hahaha!) ever! Imagine waking up so early to prepare for the island-hopping, and getting a first reaction of “Sh*t meron na’ko!”… Tsk tsk! (First time ko kase mag-swimming na may period, at first day pa! hahaha! wala lang sa timing kaya naha-hassle-lan ako!). Pero kineri pa din! :D

2009 CamSur Barkadahan: Island-Hopping in Caramoan

2009 CamSur Barkadahan: Island-Hopping in Caramoan
Actually, this trip happened the weekend after the Pagudpud outing! hahaha! Sinagad ang 2009 post-busy season gala eh! hahay! kaya wala na akong isusunog pa!!! :D Long weekend kase kaya di dapat palampasin yung pagkakataon! ahaha!:p Thursday night, June 11, nung bumyahe kame via bus (sa may Cubao) papuntang Naga. Syempre, nagtrabaho muna kame nun hanggang 5:30pm haha! pasaway lang! :D