2016: A Year-end Review

10_2016 - Machu Picchu

There wasn’t a “16for2016” (i.e., 16 countries in year 2016), which could have been the third following from my 14for2014 and 15for2015 projects in the last 2 years. Nonetheless, this year I managed to step on 4 continents (Phil did 5 though, because America!)—which is why I think 2016 is equally awesome as the previous years!

2012 Indonesia and I: Of teaching and traveling (and picture-taking)…

I'm on the outside hehehe

One of the things that I used to love doing when I was younger was teaching. Seriously. Probably because my older sis and bro are both teachers, and I’m exposed to those lesson plans, test questions, and stuff like that. I remember I used to invite my childhood friends to play “eskwela eskwela” at home, wherein I played the role of a teacher, while they were my students! :D

2012 Indonesia and I: Kota Tua Snapshots

One fine Saturday during the month of April in 2012, my housemate and I visited Kota Tua in Jakarta for a photowalk. [Bago kase camera nya, kaya excited gamitin! hahaha!]. Now this blogpost contains some of my snapshots during that photowalk. (As you may notice, my snapshots were more concentrated on people around Kota Tua, rather than the place itself! hahaha!)
Note: Forgive my errors on the dates–photos were all taken on April 14, 2012, and not April 13. :)

Love and Admiration