2019: A Year-end Review

This is by far the most delayed posting of my year-end review! I had a busy new year, spending the NYE somewhere in Scotland. And then the days that followed that were busy prepping for yet another busy season. And then another busy season to go through. Indeed, I had no time to blog about my 2019 YE review! I managed to summarise though on my IG, so at least I had it documented there.


2018: A Year-end Review


As always, here’s a quick post to summarise how my year 2018 went. On a personal level, it’s been very good—as earlier posted, Phil and I got engaged in February this year. That’s probably my favourite highlight for 2018.  I also got my permanent residence, which I am happy about and made me realise how time quickly went by: 5 years in the UK! Who would have thought I’d survive?! :p