Who Am I?

Resident Slacker

Hi! My name is Sim, full time traveller, part-time auditor (I wish). Welcome to my public diary, well, sort of, used to be. I started this blog because of that dire need to express my thoughts which (more often than not) I cannot express verbally. Hence, the older entries on this blog are mostly a reflection of my being a young hopeless romantic pathetic drama queen (hahahaha!). So let me tell you in advance, avoid reading posts from pre-2011 or so. And please no bashing. 😊

This blog has then evolved into something travel-related (with random musings once in a while and/or in between because I can’t let go of that daydreamer in me).  Why the evolution?—because (1) I decided to explore more of my country, the Philippines, starting year 2010, with inspiration from reading travel blogs; and then (2) I moved out of the country to continue my audit profession (2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and then from 2013 to date, in Reading, United Kingdom), which has then allowed me to heed to the (now louder) call of wanderlust.

And so the to-go-list kept on expanding! And this is where I document my (mis)adventures—often during my hiatus from traveling because of the audit season and sometimes in between the busy working days. Documenting down my travel stories has become my escape route when I’m physically stuck at work; a way of travelling in retrospect when I’m trapped in the present. And I’d say the escape is badly needed to keep me sane. 😊 Also, I hold on to and would like to apply this basic rule in audit, ‘if it’s not documented, it’s not done’. Hence, the stories and the photos.

To date, I’ve travelled to (and explored) at least:

  • 5 continents;
  • 31 countries in Europe (counting the UK as 4 😝);
  • 12 countries in Asia (counting Laos for having stepped on the border);
  • 3 countries in South America;
  • 1 country in Africa;
  • 1 state in USA;
  • 33 provinces in the Philippines;

…and now I’ve got loads of travel stories to write about! 😝

I travelled with friends, with family, alone and now mostly with my significant other (ahem!), who happens to share the same passion for travel. *wink!* I aim to inspire and to give travel tips to anyone interested (and to anyone who finds me to be a reliable source! Haha!). I aim to convince full time office employees that one doesn’t have to quit his/her full time job to pursue that dream to travel the world. Yes, it will take time, but what’s the rush for? We/you will get there, eventually! ♥

**Updated 15th July 2018

15 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. HI,

    I am Tina. I saw your blog re: kopidoki lodge. I just want to be sure that I will be transacting to the right person connected to it because our group is quite big. Did you also pay through Mr. Orilla ( Ambros)?

    I find your blog really helpful. Thanks so much. I hope that you can help me with this.



    • Hi Tina,

      Sorry for the late reply, I was trying to get in touch with my friend, who did the transaction with Kopi Doki. We transacted with Vincent Rosita with the cel# 09175018364 (as disclosed in my post); I’m sorry we weren’t able to retrieve our previous emails with them (Kopidoki pips). But did you also transact with a girl named Ate Malou?

  2. Hi Ate. Nice blog. :) Super relate ko lang yung 3x mu na pggwa ng blog. Napadaan lang ako kc Im stalking Parokya ni Edgar and I saw yor write’up bout PnE. Cool! I hope yor still updating this blog and continue inspiring us. Godbless :)

  3. Still reading your blog Ms. Sim.. hahahaha. . Perhaps I should start my own blog too.. ahah.. nainspire lang.. lol.. Turn between doing it in a blogspot or my own site? hmm.. nice to hear your thoughts on it. :)))))

    • Aw! Nice to know someone’s still reading my blog hahaha! :D Do it na; start blogging using a free host (i.e., wordpress, blogspot) and then decide afterwards if you want to buy your own domain :)

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