2019: Our Prenup Photoshoot


Also known as Engagement photoshoot.

Prenup photoshoots are not actually a thing here in the UK (apparently) – this is probably very much an Asian thing to do. However, since our photo+video package as well as our hair&makeup included the prenup shoot, Phil and I went for it!

2019: A Year-end Review

This is by far the most delayed posting of my year-end review! I had a busy new year, spending the NYE somewhere in Scotland. And then the days that followed that were busy prepping for yet another busy season. And then another busy season to go through. Indeed, I had no time to blog about my 2019 YE review! I managed to summarise though on my IG, so at least I had it documented there.


2018: A Year-end Review


As always, here’s a quick post to summarise how my year 2018 went. On a personal level, it’s been very good—as earlier posted, Phil and I got engaged in February this year. That’s probably my favourite highlight for 2018.  I also got my permanent residence, which I am happy about and made me realise how time quickly went by: 5 years in the UK! Who would have thought I’d survive?! :p

2017: Norway – a return to Stavanger

2017 European summer and it was the last bank holiday before Christmas. I planned to go back to Stavanger, with the ultimate aim of climbing Kjerag and step on Kjeragbolten—a dream that I wasn’t able to fulfill during my first visit in Stavanger almost 4 years ago. So earlier during the year 2017, I booked the flights (with Phil) to finally make this dream come true.


2016: Moroccan Mountains – So pretty in white!


This trip is part of the week-long holiday in Morocco during December 2016. See trip essentials on a separate post.

This is one of those trips where we weren’t expecting much, but turned out to be pretty amazing. Our love for nature, and specifically, for the mountains, is a given.  If we can and if applicable, in all of our trips, we try to include in our itinerary a trip to the mountains. And the trip to Marrakech back in December 2016 was no exception.

2017: A Year-End Review

2017 YE 14

It’s that time of the year again – time to look back on what actually happened to my so-called life during the last 12 months or so. Travel-wise, it was a mix of visiting new places and revisiting old ones—either way, we managed to create new and happy memories. On a more personal aspect, there’s too much adult-ing towards the latter part of the year!