14 for 2014: A Year-end Review

…supposed to be. And as I usually do.

But this year has been a bit different, I guess. I haven’t done a mid-year review on my bucketlist; I was too lazy to do it, plus I felt that (which is true) there was not much accomplishment, so I let it pass. Things changed, and plans were messed up at some point. So I kept silent (lalala!) But now, I am feeling obliged to do a yearend assessment as to my 2014 bucketlist. So here it goes!

1. Chase Aurora Borealis in Iceland or in any Nordic country
Done! Yey! This was a birthday gift to myself—celebrating my being 30! How cool is that! Haha! After 5 hours of waiting in the freezing cold during the night before my birthday, the heavens finally made a show, just in time for my birthday! Happy.


2012 Indonesia and I: Kota Tua Snapshots

One fine Saturday during the month of April in 2012, my housemate and I visited Kota Tua in Jakarta for a photowalk. [Bago kase camera nya, kaya excited gamitin! hahaha!]. Now this blogpost contains some of my snapshots during that photowalk. (As you may notice, my snapshots were more concentrated on people around Kota Tua, rather than the place itself! hahaha!)
Note: Forgive my errors on the dates–photos were all taken on April 14, 2012, and not April 13. :)

Love and Admiration