2012 Indonesia and I: Of teaching and traveling (and picture-taking)…

I'm on the outside hehehe

One of the things that I used to love doing when I was younger was teaching. Seriously. Probably because my older sis and bro are both teachers, and I’m exposed to those lesson plans, test questions, and stuff like that. I remember I used to invite my childhood friends to play “eskwela eskwela” at home, wherein I played the role of a teacher, while they were my students! :D


As usual… For some reasons, it kinda breaks my heart and I kinda feel a little guilty for planning to leave my current job… ihatethisfeeling!!! Hiyess! Finally informed my bosses the other day about my plan–i expected a negative reaction, something like i-don’t-want-to-talk-to-you-right-now kind of statement hehehe! But I got a disappointed-slash-sad-wala-akong-magagawa expression hahaha! So…

Explore Singapore! :) [The Weekend Trips]

Singapore :)  --click on image for a full view :)
I had the opportunity to work in Singapore (SG) during the first two months of 2010 (tagal na noh, bago nakapag-post! haha!). It’s a good opportunity to have met and interacted with people of differing culture and attitude towards work. It’s a bit challenging though (and nosebleeding for the most part of my stay in SG hehe) as the locals have a different accent that I had a hard time understanding what they were trying to say…but at least, most of them speak and understand English! :D

Semirara Island Invasion: LIFE SA BEACH!

Tambak Beach | Semirara Island, Antique, Philippines
One of the best things that I enjoy about my job is to do fieldwork outside Manila, and I’m lucky to have had a client with its main accounting department located in an island! It’s actually a coal mining company located in the island of Semirara in Caluya, Antique (somewhere in Visayas na po ‘to for those who do not know the place; it’s near Capiz, near Mindoro, or better yet, near Boracay!).

Bakit nasa opisina ka eh Linggo kaya?!!

tanong ko din yan sa sarili ko…ang sagot? iba-iba.. pagdating ko ng opisina magaala-una ng hapon, nadatnan ko mga iilang opismeyt na nakaharap sa kanya-kanyang lappy-topyy…serious-mode ang drama, pero ako? wala lang, feel ko lang pumasok. eto tlaga ang mga dahilan kung bakit ako pumasok: [1] Gusto ko talaga mag-facebook (FB) >> Anu bang meron…