2016: The (South) American Dream

South America was in our (mine and Phil’s) to-go-list—primarily for me: to see Machu Picchu (ever since I saw photos of it when I was younger), and for Phil, (I think) influenced by the fact that the 2016 Olympics is happening in Rio de Janeiro. Apparently (according to Phil), the Olympics is the greatest show on earth! :)

2016 Peru - Machu Picchu


2016: The day that I gave Bora a chance…

2015 Boracay Aklan Philippines 13

Cliché. Overrated. Too commercialised. Overly crowded. Terms that I used to associate Bora with. (I’d like to believe that) I am the type who, as much as possible, avoids riding on bandwagon—the type who loses interest in anything exceedingly popular. And I think it is true most of the time.

2013 SPAINtastic Trip (3 of 3): Barcelona

Park Güell - Barcelona, Spain 2013

Anytime soon, I will be planning for our trip to Barcelona this coming April, and yet I haven’t blogged about my first trip to that city in August 2013 (yes, almost 4 years ago to date of writing!). So I thought I’d write about my first time to set foot in Barcelona before my comeback.

So this is part 3 of my week-long SPAINtastic series; Part 1 (Madrid and Segovia) and Part 2 (Valencia) were written in 2013.