2013 Heller Baler (Day 2 of 2): More than just surfing and beach bumming..

Sunrise at Sabang Beach --click on image for a full view :)
Started the second day with an early walk along the shores of Sabang Beach with Jill and Fern, while the rest were still sleeping because of the socials the night before hehe! :) We were trying to catch the sunrise so we passed the time off by walking from our cottage to the surfing site, while we took photos…

2013 Heller Baler (Day 1 of 2): Chasing Waterfalls and Riding the Waves of Sabang!

Me, My Instructor and the Surfboard  --click on image for a full view :)
The weekend before this trip, I met up with my highschool friends in Manila for a supposed-to-be-farewell-dinner-for-me-but-Fern-ended-up-paying-for-it get-together. Since Fern didn’t make it to our TalamitamBatulao twin hike before, we thought of having another backpack trip somewhere in Luzon, and just then Jillian mentioned about her officemates’ plan to go to Baler. We wanted to explore Baler too, so immediately that night, I came up with a rough itinerary. After sending the itinerary the following day, Jill informed us that we could tag along with her officemates, since that group could still accommodate around 3-4 persons. And so we’re in it! :)

2010 Lakaw sa Davao (3 of 3): Rafting Davao River and Zip-lining at Zip City


The rafting adventure was included in our itinerary, but it has a separate fee. The activity was organized by River One Adventure, (now known as Base Camp)–you may click here to visit their site (I’m not sure if they got an updated site ’cause it hasn’t been updated in years already, but the latest comment mentioned about River One changing its name to Base Camp). >>>READ FULL ARTICLE>>>