2010 Lakaw sa Davao (3 of 3): Rafting Davao River and Zip-lining at Zip City

BACKPOSTING my 2010 trip to Davao City :)

Posting here again our 3D2N itinerary:


**all photos during the rafting adventure were all taken by our tour guide :)**


The rafting adventure was included in our itinerary, but it has a separate fee. The activity was organized by River One Adventure, (now known as Base Camp)–you may click here to visit their site (I’m not sure if they got an updated site ’cause it hasn’t been updated in years already, but the latest comment mentioned about River One changing its name to Base Camp).

The River One / Base Camp headquarters was previously located in 16 Paseo de Roxas Commercial Complex, Manuel Roxas Avenue, Davao City but recently moved to Door 89 Madrazo Fruit Complex, C. Bangoy Street, near Jobs Academy.

We were at the headquarters at a little past 6am! :) Ang aga! At about 6:30am, we were already registering.

Getting ready for the jeepney ride to Davao River :)

It was a 45-60-minute ride from the headquarters to Davao River (starting point for rafting)—at a speed of about….hmmm basta super bilis na pagda-dadrive! :D When we arrived at the location, we were asked to put on our “rafting suit” (whatever you call it!)—basta life vest and helmet! :D

Mali ata ang outfit namin—based on our observation of the tour guides, we noted that they were wearing a long-sleeved top with leggings/tights (hahaha!) under their shorts! :D kaboom! Kase pala, sobrang init ng araw, and the rafting activity lasts for more than 2 hours! Anyway, after putting on the suit, we were up for a little morning exercise just to wake those muscles up for the strenuous activity! :D

And then Kuya TourGuide (I’m sorry I forgot the name of this guy ehehe!) gave a briefing on how to go about the rafting—demonstrating how to paddle (the easy and the hard way), what to do when the rubber boat gets capsized by the rapids, how to rescue if someone gets thrown out of the rubber boat, etc.

After the briefing, we were all set to get into the rubber boat!

But before we (officially hehe) started off with the rafting, each of us was asked to demonstrate how to float when thrown out of the rubber boat and how to rescue/pull up someone back into the rubber boat after being thrown out. :)

After the so-called practicum, we were all ready for the rafting adventure!!! 3 tour guides accompanied us, and there were no other tourists around ehehehe! Solo namin ang river! :D One of the tour guides went with us sa rubber boat, each of the other two guides (who were using the Kayak) served as our photographer/videographer and backup (in case the rubber boat will be capsized by the rapids), respectively.


By the way, these were our Kuya TourGuides! I only remember the name of the guy in the middle—hehehe si Kuya Iking!!! :D


These were among the many poses that we had during the rafting adventure:

When the river’s calm…

And when the river’s mad!

The high-five pose—a sign of relief after surviving the many rapids…

Passing by and getting into a cave…

And of course, the waterfall… :)))


After the many rapids that we had to survive, the crashing waves that our rubber boat had to fight against, the high-fives that we looked forward to every time we encounter rapids (hehehe)—-under the extreme heat of the sun for 2.5 hours (9:30am-12:00nn), we were all exhausted and HUNGRY! :D

Kaya lamon galore kame dun sa dala naming pagkain—we bought packed lunch with us sa rubber boat. …then rest for a while before we headed back to the headquarters where we changed our clothes. We were provided with t-shirts as souvenirs for this rafting adventure, with a print “I Raft Davao River”, and a copy (in a CD) of all the pictures and videos during the activity! :))

After about an hour, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the zip-lining activity at Zip City.


River One / Base Camp Contact Details:

Telephone #: 082 305 7624
Cellphone #: (smart) 0908 894 1468, (sun) 0932 350 0921
Address: Door 89 Madrazo Fruit Complex, C. Bangoy Street, near Jobs Academy.



This wasn’t my first time to try zip-lining, have tried it before (May of the same year) in Tagaytay, that’s why I expected na pwede din padapa sa zipline dito sa Davao—hindi pala! :D So yun, naka-hang lang kame sa rope tapos yun na! Of course, I felt a bit anxious at first, pero keri lang! :)

The Zip City Zipline is located in Davao City Hilltop which sits on a high, steep slope, hilly part of the Barangay Langub, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City overlooking the beautiful scenic expanse of Metro Davao. After zip-lining, we took our afternoon snack in Dencio’s Kamayan, which is just across the zip-line spot. Then we headed back to our hotel to checkout.

The bad thing about this trip was, our tour agent wasn’t prompt enough in paying the hotel bills that’s why we got held for almost an hour. We haven’t got enough time to buy pasalubong—we just made stops along the way to the airport to buy some Davao goods as pasalubong. :) Hassle! Oh well!

And this is the end of my Davao Trip! :) I wish to get back there to see (and climb?) Mt. Apo! :D



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