Four Seasons of Aloneness: A Birthday Run Away to Norway

One of my fave travel quotes says “I haven’t been EVERYWHERE, but it’s on my list”… So on my birthday, just out of randomness (and weirdness), I ran away alone and went to that “Everywhere”! :D **Ang arte lang!**

Flam, Norway --click on image for a full view :)

I took my love and I took it down; I climbed a mountain and I turned around… And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills; ’til the landslide brought me down… –Fleetwood Mac

An Anniversary Snapshot: The Eiffel and the Carousel


In my attempt to take a snapshot similar to that of Hannah‘s in her Paris Photo Diary (because that snapshot’s really a fave!), I ended up having this instead… <3

And oh well, today’s my 4th year of “blogging” here in Wordpress. :) So happy anniv to me then! :D <–didn’t realize it until I got a notification from Wordpress this morning haha!

Four Seasons of Aloneness: My Batanes-Kind-of-Trip in the UK :)


No, I’m not back in the Philippines yet. And no, I’m no way near Batanes. :)

This trip was supposed to be “aimless”… One weekend, I was just thinking of train-station-hopping, random. I just needed an escape! :p But then on second thought, I might end up disappointed and that would mean wasting some bucks. So I hurriedly searched for a daytrip destination—and Seaford it was! :)