Finding that “Somewhere Else”

It’s taking me too much time to absorb some realities…. I’ve been buying time since I-don’t-know-when; I’ve been avoiding and running away from a lot of things which I think I need to face. I’ve been oblivious about some matters of the heart.

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I am unbecoming. I needed the solitude; I needed to get out of this invisible trap…And I needed some time to sort things out. I’m beginning to feel lost in my own retard world.

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So off I wandered, alone, away from… well just a little away from home; in search of something unknown, but with the hope of finding something beautiful.

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It’s like seeking the “great perhaps”, as what John Green puts it in his book, “Looking for Alaska”. I just needed an escape; somewhere far…

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I want to stumble upon a place that could embrace this lost (and broken?) self.

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No, I haven’t found it yet… But I know I’ll get there, eventually. I know I’ll find that “somewhere else”.

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