2013 Heller Baler (Day 1 of 2): Chasing Waterfalls and Riding the Waves of Sabang!

Me, My Instructor and the Surfboard  --click on image for a full view :)
The weekend before this trip, I met up with my highschool friends in Manila for a supposed-to-be-farewell-dinner-for-me-but-Fern-ended-up-paying-for-it get-together. Since Fern didn’t make it to our TalamitamBatulao twin hike before, we thought of having another backpack trip somewhere in Luzon, and just then Jillian mentioned about her officemates’ plan to go to Baler. We wanted to explore Baler too, so immediately that night, I came up with a rough itinerary. After sending the itinerary the following day, Jill informed us that we could tag along with her officemates, since that group could still accommodate around 3-4 persons. And so we’re in it! :)

Camiguin (Part 2 of 2): Two Islands, A Waterfall and Our Sun-kissed Skin

White Island, Camiguin, Philippines ---Click on image for a full view :)

Our itinerary for Day 2 in Camiguin included island-hopping and visiting a waterfall, and I thought it would be the most hassling experience in my swimming life (may swimming life tlaga ako oh?! Hahaha!) ever! Imagine waking up so early to prepare for the island-hopping, and getting a first reaction of “Sh*t meron na’ko!”… Tsk tsk! (First time ko kase mag-swimming na may period, at first day pa! hahaha! wala lang sa timing kaya naha-hassle-lan ako!). Pero kineri pa din! :D

Camiguin (Part 1 of 2): Hiking and Swimming!

At the Sunken Cemetery  --click on image for a full view :)

Oh perfect time to get this skin tanned! ehehe! :D tanned? Orrr should I say burned? wala na kasing ita-tan pa ang balat ko’ng ‘to!!! :D

Days 2 and 3 of our 4D3N CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin Trip were spent in Camiguin. Click CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin 2012 Itinerary to download the actual itinerary of this trip. :)


Me, Myself, My Backpack, and Western/Northern Mindanao!

Me, Myself, My Backpack, and Western/Northern Mindanao!
Here’s a list of why I planned for this solo bus trip:
• I want to prove to the universe that Mindanao’s a safe place to visit… lalalala! Well at least at this part Western/Northern Mindanao. I want to be able to give a clear answer to those people who always ask me if it’s safe to travel in Mindanao. :)
• I want to have a feel of a solo backpacker hahaha! I want to personally find out for myself whether solo traveling is fun or not! :D
• I want to know how much it would cost to go to CDO from Zamboanga and vice versa, and how long the travel actually takes.
• I had a sidetrip plan at the back of my mind (Iligan or Dipolog, wherever my heart and my itchy feet feel like going) >>>READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

To Check-in or To Hand-carry?

I’m used to carrying a backpack with a small trolley, every time I go home to my hometown for 1-2 weeks of vacation. My recent homecoming was a bit challenging though, having to come from abroad (oh yes! Isa na’kong dakilang OFW! haha!), I am expected to bring home a lot of those pasalubongs! During my last homecoming, I was carrying with me my trolley, backpack and sling bag (for my camera and some chocs)! >>>READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

BAGUIO: Three Summertimes in the City of Pines!

Mines View Park  --click on image for a full view :)
One of my childhood dreams WAS to visit the famous Baguio City. I don’t know, but the place WAS overly commercialized that I really would want to see it for myself hehehe! Until one day, after my second busy season (that was June of 2007), my office batchmates planned for a trip to Baguio. I was not that close to them yet at that time, so I hesitated at first. But because I so wanted to see Baguio, I accepted the invitation the day before the trip—and invited also one of my closest friends in the office, so I won’t feel out-of-place hehehe! >>>READ FULL ARTICLE>>>