Camiguin (Part 1 of 2): Hiking and Swimming!

Oh perfect time to get this skin tanned! ehehe! :D tanned? Orrr should I say burned? wala na kasing ita-tan pa ang balat ko’ng ‘to!!! :D

Days 2 and 3 of our 4D3N CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin Trip were spent in Camiguin. Click CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin Itinerary_2012 to download the actual itinerary of this trip. :)

Hiking para Magpa-itim and Swimming sa mga Spring na Malalim!

Day 2: Woke up as early as 3am to prepare for an early trip to Balingoan Port, Misamis Occidental, which is approximately 2 hours away from main CDO. Kuya John (our Tour Guide slash Driver in CDO) fetched us at 4am in Victoria Suites then off we went to the Balingoan Port to wait for the Camiguin-bound ferry scheduled to leave at 6:30am.

Waiting at Balingoan Port --click on image for a full view :)

We just ate the pastel that we bought the night before this trip, while we wait for the ferry.
Then we were off to Camiguin! :)

And then after two hours, we reached Benoni Port, and we were welcomed by Kuya Randy, our driver for the Camiguin Trip. Astig! May placard! Hehehe! :D

Camiguin, here we go!! --click on image for a full view :)

Grabbed some breakfast before we’re off to our first stop, which is Old Volcano.

Old Volcano – Catarman, Camiguin

Didn’t expect that we’re going to hike the entire morning under the scorching heat of the sun! hehe! The itinerary didn’t say hiking, it just said picture-taking! Haha! and so the extreme tanning process begins…

Hiking...  --click on image for a full view :)

Although I was wearing a cardigan covering my halter top, the sun’s heat still penetrated into my (already dark) skin eehehe! Partida, I brought with me my cap, an umbrella, fan and my sunnies! And I applied sunblock pa! Shoot lang, walang effect! hanginnett!! :D

And so we had to walk our way passing along the Stations of the Cross to go on top of the Old Volcano, without a guide. The trail is visible and easy-to-follow, so there’s really no need for a guide for this hiking activity.

The Old Volcano is one of the two known volcanoes, the other one’s Mt. Hibok-Hibok, which is just beside it. Accordingly, the Old Volcano has been dormant for more than a hundred years, the last eruption recorded was in 1871.

At the last station of the cross  --click on image for a full view :)

It was an easy hike, except of the extreme heat and the unavailability of water (yan! hehe), that we had to take rests in between. We were told that we had to walk 360 steps, but we weren’t told that after the 360th step, we still had to walk on unpaved trail for about (how many hours was that?! Hehehe! I was just not in the proper condition to hike perhaps!) After reaching the last station, we rested for a while, cam-whored and then decided to make our descent back to the foot of the volcano. And right across the street are stalls where you could find some souvenirs (e.g., keychains). Refreshments and chips are also available at the stalls.

After grabbing some snacks and taking a short rest, we continued our tour—our next stop was the Sunken Cemetery.

The Sunken Cemetery – Catarman, Camiguin

Just a few minutes from the Old Volcano is the Sunken Cemetery. Literally, underneath the sea is an old cemetery which sunk due to the eruption of the Old Volcano in 1871. And then, a few meters from the viewdeck is a big cross where tourists usually visit and take pictures. You have to rent a banca to go to the big cross. From where the Big Cross is, you can see the two volcanoes – Old Volcano (Daan-Bulkan) and Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

At the Sunken Cemetery  --click on image for a full view :)

:)  --click on image for a full view

We were greatly entertained by our funny tour guide/bankero/photographer during this part of the trip. His name is ****, my bad, it slipped from my (full) memory again hehe! But to anyone who happens to read this blog, you must request for this guy on the pic below to be your guide hehe! He’s got a handful of photo tricks too! :)

After Sunken Cemetery and before we were off to the swimming part of this trip, we passed by Old Church Ruins at Bonbon, Catarman. But we were just too tired and hungry that we didn’t anymore cam-whored in this place. We asked Kuya Randy to take us to Sto. Nino Cold Spring so we can be refreshed from the half-day hike and boat ride.

Sto Nino Cold Spring Resort

And it’s the perfect time to dip our burned skin into the cold spring! We reached Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort at a little past noon already and we immediately made our order for lunch. There are a number of food vendors outside of the resort which offer a variety of food—from seafood to some grilled stuff.

After our tour guide paid for our entrance fees, we then looked for a cottage, but then all of the cottages were already occupied. So we had to rent for a small table (kasya naman kameng apat) with monoblock chairs. Then we got ready to take a dip at the cold spring!

Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort  --click on image for a full view :)

Malamig nga! :) But it’s deep!!! (for me hehehe!). My feet couldn’t feel the floor of the pool! So we had to rent for a salbabida (life buoy) just so we could do a little swimming in the pool! Haist! Ang lalim kase talaga!!! :/ They did some underwater shots, ako nasa salbabida lang haha! I’m just so scared of deep waters! ;p

After a little while, our food was ready and we took our super late lunch. Did some picture-taking, swim again and decided to leave and visit another spring…

Bura Soda Water Spring

Bura Soda Spring  --click on image for a full view :)

Just like the Sto. Nino Spring, this, too, is more than 5 feet deep. So what do you expect??! Hindi na naman ako makakalangoy! :p So, we just stayed for a few minutes, took some photos, swam at the kiddie pool, then decided to leave the place and go to our last stop for the day.

Ardent Hot Spring

It was getting dark already when we headed to Ardent Hot Spring, located in Esperanza Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin. The water in this spring is said to be about 40°C warm, which is heated by the volcanic activity of the nearby Mount Hibok-Hibok. You can find several pools and recreation area in this resort.

Ardent Hot Spring  --click on image for a full view :)

Some parts of the pool are a little shallow (for my height), so I was able to do a little swimming… Then, we met a manang, a devotee of some religious organization and did a little chit chat in the pool. She was telling stories of past miracles—kame naman enganyong nakikinig hehe! :) Siguro almost an hour din kame nakipag-chikahan..ayus din, a way to pass the time off.

After the chikahan, we decided to get out of the pool and head back to Pabuluan Cottage. Took a shower then we got out of the cottage and looked for a place where we could have our dinner. We found a nearby food stand that sells grilled chicken alongside the road–so street food and trip namin! :D Medyo nahuli lang kame ng dating, ubos na ang isaw! :/

After dinner, we rest for a while before we dozed off for an early activity the next day: island-hopping! :D



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