14 for 2014: A Year-end Review

…supposed to be. And as I usually do.

But this year has been a bit different, I guess. I haven’t done a mid-year review on my bucketlist; I was too lazy to do it, plus I felt that (which is true) there was not much accomplishment, so I let it pass. Things changed, and plans were messed up at some point. So I kept silent (lalala!) But now, I am feeling obliged to do a yearend assessment as to my 2014 bucketlist. So here it goes!

1. Chase Aurora Borealis in Iceland or in any Nordic country
Done! Yey! This was a birthday gift to myself—celebrating my being 30! How cool is that! Haha! After 5 hours of waiting in the freezing cold during the night before my birthday, the heavens finally made a show, just in time for my birthday! Happy.


2. Put up a small gallery in my room
Fail. Too much of an effort. I was initially too negative about doing this, as cleaning (and maintaining the cleanliness) of my room alone is a bit of a hard work! Haha! So this was not done at yearend!

3. Watch The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS) in Amsterdam!
Fail. A bit frustrating, I know. I have been loving the book since I first read it in April 2013, and made a promise to myself that if ever TFIOS will be filmed, I’d watch it in Amsterdam! *Excuse my weirdness. So I booked a trip to Amsterdam, on the third weekend of June, thinking that it would still be shown in the cinema (as initial screening was 6th of June—well, in the US and some other countries, including the Philippines). Not knowing that Amsterdam is a little bit late in terms of screening schedules! :(

4. The Beatles pose at Abbey Road
Fail. Full stop.

5. Take a good picture of the milky way
Fail. Full stop.

6. Camp inside an igloo
Fail. Full stop.

7. Have a picture with a cherry blossom tree in spring
Will these pass for a “cherry blossom” tree?! Please say “yes!”


8. Enroll in a photography class
Fail. Full stop.

9. Leave love locks/friendship locks in every bridge possible! :D
Fail. I’ve had one made that I was supposed to bring to Paris, but then I forgot to put it inside my backpack! I brought it again to Amsterdam but I wasn’t that impressed at those railings in Ams where the love locks are attached. I planned to attach it at one of the bridges in Rome, but then again, I forgot to bring it with me! And then I gave up, realising it’s not meant to be! haha!

10. Climb the highest mountain in the UK!
I don’t think I could do this, especially now that I don’t think anyone would be willing to join me. Oh Ben Nevis, I think seeing you from afar is the closest that I could do to for now. Pambihira naman kase nung pinlano ko ‘to, sure ako may kasama ako! Anyway, the picture below shows the nearest that I got to Ben Nevis–this was during our trip to Scotland earlier this year where we stopped by at this site for a quick photo op.


11. Try surfing in Cornwall
Cornwall, check! Surfing, nah! Just not at the right timing. When we visited Cornwall (Newquay to be exact) in May 2014, it was too cold to surf, so I just had my pic taken with a red surfboard lying on one of the beaches in Newquay. :)


12. #TakeMeTo / #WeAreHereAt Project
This is supposed to be a compilation/series of photos during my travels in 2014 depicting a photo of my feet with the tourist spot and/or a photo similar to the #FollowMeTo series of a famous photographer/instagrammer of his girlfriend taking him to places. But I guess I haven’t focused on this as much. I might do a separate post on a similar subject! :p

13. Oktoberfest in Munich Germany
Fail. Full stop.

14. Join a photography contest and (aim to) win or to be featured
Fail. Full stop.

See! I shouldn’t have done this and just pretend that I never really came up with a bucketlist in the first place; it made not much sense! haha! But then, I felt the need to… Happy new year, anyway! :)

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