14 for 2014 Bucket List

It’s time for another list of things to accomplish in 2014! Although I haven’t ticked off all of the items I listed in 2013, I still have the drive to continue with my yearly bucket listing. I know, in time, I’ll get a perfect mark on my list! :)

14 for 2014 - 2

  1. Chase Aurora Borealis in Iceland or in any Nordic country
  2. Put up a small gallery in my room
  3. Watch The Fault in Our Stars in Amsterdam!
  4. The Beatles pose at Abbey Road
  5. Take a good picture of the milky way
  6. Camp inside an igloo 
  7. Have a picture with a cherry blossom tree in spring
  8. Enroll in a photography class
  9. Leave love locks/friendship locks in every bridge possible! :D
  10. Climb the highest mountain in the UK!
  11. Try surfing in Cornwall
  12. #TakeMeTo / #WeAreHereAt Project
  13. Oktoberfest in Munich Germany
  14. Join a photography contest and (aim to) win or to be featured

There you go! I’m thinking of summarising all the unchecked items in my bucket lists since 2010 at the end of 2014, covering 5 years of bucket listing—-just to see how I did within 5 years. :) That would be on a separate post though! :) Meanwhile, I’ll try my very best to accomplish the above-listed items before the year ends!


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