CORON: Island Hopping and Snorkeling Even if it’s Raining!

Yey! Finally na-post ko na rin ‘tong part 2 ng Coron Trip ko nung 2011! haha! epic fail tlga ang pagtatapos ng post na ‘to, mashadong delayed! I thought of finalizing this already, kase parang ang daming nagse-search ng Coron Trip the past few days…I just thought, this post might somehow help ahaha! in whatever manner! heehee! :D

…And the heavens didn’t seem to care about our excitement for this trip! Tsk tsk tsk! Day 2 at Coron—the weather got worse. The rain didn’t stop since it started pouring at around 3 in the morning, demet! You know, it’s kind of frustrating knowing that the island hopping thing might not push through due to the strong waves and things like that! Hmm but no, nothing can stop us from executing the Day 2 activities!!! hehehe! :D …and so we begin the journey…

Here’s our actual itinerary for Day 2 in Coron:

Day 2 Itinerary

We were ready for the bad weather as all of us brought our umbrellas! hahaha! was still raining on our way to the “boulevard”. Our rented motorboat, with 3 boatmen, was already waiting for us to board. The two of us brought our cameras with us but it was only me who cared less about my cam hehe! Rain or shine, I’m gonna take pictures as we go along with the island hopping! Sayang ang opportunity eh! :D Badtrip lang, ayaw tumigil ng ulan! :(

Island Hopping!!!

1. Siete Pecados – This is one of the best snorkeling spots in Coron (accordingly hehe!). Though I’m not a big fan of snorkeling, kase takot ako sa underwater, I managed to enjoy this first stop. Siete Pecados, a Spanish Term for “Seven Sins”, consists of seven islets where schools of fish and a variety of corals abound. As explained by Ate Shawie, the tour guide, it was named Siete Pecados to refer to the Seven (Siete) Islets that are abundant with schools of fish (Pescao). Hmmm makes sense? hehe Personally, i think, if that’s the explanation for the term, then it should be “Siete PeScados” hehe! :) Opinion lang po! :)

Siete Pecados_Coron Island Philippines

2. Blue Lagoon – or sometimes regarded as Kayangan. At the shore of Blue Lagoon, you can find beach huts where tourists usually take their lunch during the island hopping activity. Toilets are also available in this area.

Blue Lagoon | Coron, Philippines

The Blue Lagoon is the spot that’s usually featured in internet sites. Taken from a top view, here’s how Blue Lagoon looks like:

CORON: Island Hopping and Snorkeling Even if it’s Raining!

3. Kayangan Cave and Kayangan Lake – Just beside the Blue Lagoon spot is the Kayangan Lake, said to be the cleanest lake in the Philippines. In fairness, malinis naman tingnan pero I can’t say that it’s the cleanest ’cause I’ve only been to two lakes in the Philippines so far (one is Taal Lake hehe!)..But yes, it’s cleaner than Taal. Anyway, before you could go to the lake, you have to trek your way up from Blue Lagoon’s shore to where the Kayangan Cave is (peak). It’s about a 150-step trek up (no sweat right?! ehehe!), then another 150 steps down to the lake. The Kayangan Cave is said to be the place where natives used to reside during rainy season, pero ewan nga ba, di kame makapasok sa cave na ‘to ehehe! :D

Kayangan Cave | Coron, Philippines

The peak is the best spot for cam-whoring! hehehe! I love how the Blue Lagoon looks like from the top! :D Thanks to Ate Cecile for taking the group pix, in fairness marunong syang gumamit ng SLR at marunong syang kumuha ng magandang anggulo! :D And thanks to the now-cooperative weather! yeehee!!! The rain has finally stopped pouring! Napagod din! :D Below are some pix taken at the the peak of Kayangan:

Kayangan Peak

Now here are some pix taken at the lake:
You can ask the tour guides to accompany you to swim and/or snorkel in this lake… As usual, okatokat! Loser-me! ehehe! So hanggang panunuod na lang ako at pagpipikchur! :D

Kayangan Lake --thanks Ate Tour Guide for the group pic :)

After a few minutes, we headed back to the Blue Lagoon shore to take our late lunch, via the same trekking route. More pix at this part of the island! :D

Kayangan / Blue Lagoon | Coron, Philippines

4. Twin Lagoon – This one’s one of the best spots in Coron; i love the aquamarine color of the water, ang linis! Plus the surrounding rock formations are a picturesque! Sarap mag-photoshoot! hahaha! I took some photos and eventually decided to “swim”, with a life vest of course! :D Dito lang ako hindi natakot bumaba ng bangka, kase wala mashadong isda sa part na ‘to. haha! Swim swim swim!

Twin Lagoon

5. WWII Skeletal Shipwreck – Diving spot in Coron…ehehe! On this spot, you can find abundant marine life and a scenery of World War II Japanese shipwreck sunk after it was bombarded by the American troops. Ewan ko lang kung nakita nung mga kasama ko ung ruins ng shipwreck! ehehe! Anonther bad thing is, we don’t have an underwater cam! ahaha! …no underwater shots for us… :( but we enjoyed feeding the fish with bread! :D

WWII Shipwreck Spot | Coron, Philippines

6. Vivan Beach – This is a private resort owned by someone named Vivian (i think hehehe!). We were actually only the ones who stayed in this white-sand beach, and I loved it–very private. We stayed here long enough to have taken our meryenda, while we wait for Jack (oh yes! nakahabol sya sa island hopping activity na ‘to! ehehe!). By the way, there’s a little sari-sari store in this island, pero ang mahal ng chichiria! ehehe!

Vivan Beach | Coron, Philippines

Break from Work

7. Twin Peaks – Nasa’n kaya ang twin peaks? hehehe! actually, I wasn’t able to figure out where the Twin Peaks are! ehehe! Nonetheless, this “spot” is also good for snorkeling, as schools of fish also abound this part of the sea. Actually pinagbigyan lang namin si Jack na ma-experience ang snorkeling dahil superduper late sya! ehehe! kidding! Cam-whoring again, while we wait for the sunset! :D

Twin Peaks | Coron, Philippines

Woah! Finally we’re done with the Island Hopping Activity that we were all so eager to get home and prepare for—lam na! DINNER!!! :D After Twin Peaks, we headed back to the boulevard, where the tryke was waiting for us, to get us back home. We then prepared ourselves for dinner. As suggested by Manong Tryke Driver, we decided to have our dinner at Kawayanan Grill Station–ayus naman ang food, sarap yung sisig, in all fairness! :)

Kawayanan Grill Station

After dinner, to cap the day off, we had an open forum about relationships! hahaha! hanggang mag-lights off ng 1am ang usapan! :D


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