CORON: Last Day

Final day at Coron and it was still raining! ayaw talaga kame tantanan ng bagyo!!! ehehe! pero carrybels pa din! Below was our itinerary for the third day…

Day 3_itinerary

Buying Pasalubong

Accordingly, the best buys in Coron are the cashew nuts and danggit! So with Kuya Mark (tryke driver), we headed to the famous Cashew vendor, Manang Lydia. But before that, we stopped by MJ’s souvenir shop first to get some (hulaan!) hehe keychains for pasalubong…

MJ's Souvenir Shop | Coron, Philippines

Now here are our pix taken at L.Escarda’s Coron Harvest:

L.Escarda's Coron Harvest

Noticed the wall photos at Manang Lydia’s store? These are pix of Manang Lydia with her customers, which are mostly local artists ehehe! as in mga artista! While we were taking a group pic with her, she also had her assistant took a group pic of us using her cam; and she said she will be posting our group pic on her wall—wow! Wall of Fame! =p Now reader, if you happen to go to this store, can you please check if Manang Lydia did post our pic on her wall?! ehehe! =p

Anyway, the cashew nuts come in 3 different packages, which cost around PhP100, PhP300 and PhP500. May kamahalan ba? ehehe! I’m really not a fan of cashew, so I had no idea if it’s too expensive or tama lang. :D Aside from the plain nuts, there are also flavored/coated cashew nuts in her store. You can actually ask for a free taste! :)

More pasalubong at pagtatambay sa Coron Market!!!

CORON: Last Day

Aberya at Coron

After buying our pasalubong, we already prepared for our departure. We were taking 2 different flights, via Cebu Pac and AirPhil, but our flights’ schedule are not that far apart, so we all went to the airport together. While we waited, we took our light lunch at Cafe B.O.G., coffee and some pastries lang…medyo badtrip lang kase di agad na-serve yung iced-coffee, kase brownout (anu un, walang yelo? ehehe). Anyway, cge lang. :) Hindi pa ‘to ang aberya. hehe

While waiting for the plane, eh biglang buhos ng malakas ang ulan! And just before the Cebu Pac plane could land in Busuanga’s airport, eh nagdilim ang paligid. So what happened was, the plane couldn’t land at the airport and it just stayed up in the air for a couple of minutes…matagal din, and then it finally decided that it would just go back to Manila. Hassle di ba? Lalo na sa mga pasahero from Manila to Busuanga…Andun na eh, bumalik pa! hehe Hassle din sa mga pasahero na sasakay from Busuanga to Manila, and that included 3 of my companions! ehehe! They had to stay for another night in Coron–so additional gastos pa un kase hindi covered ng airline company yung mga expenses due to natural calamities. :)

Last Day in Coron...

Those 4 pips at my back were the ones left behind because of Cebu Pac plane’s failure to land in Busuanga Airport! :D

But for us na sasakay ng AirPhil, aba eh, tuloy-tuloy ang byahe kahit bumabagyo. A few minutes after CebuPac plane left, dumating yung AirPhil plane! hayun, so nakabalik kame (with Jack) ng Manila, just as scheduled. :)


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