Secret Refuge

Nagpapaka-slack na naman sa kalagitnaan ng ka-busy-han! :) Pantanggal-umay lang sa pagrereview ng mga kontrata at pagbabasa ng mga accounting standards hehehe!
Pangalawang tula na alay ko kay ABTS, una yung Melancholic Episode. :)

You fill the corners of my daily mooning;
You keep me up when I’m supposed
to be sleeping…

Ignited and awakened my torpid senses;
Leaving me weak with my crumbling defenses.
But I need to hide you in
metaphors and rhyming verses;
And so I’ll write down these words
in fading traces…

No setting of expectations but
bounded by limitation,
‘Cause you’re just a figment of this
crazy imagination…

Unchain these shackles,
let’s carry out this escape
I’ll trade these lies to keep both of us safe
Let’s run away, now lead me to my last sunset
My refuge, you’ll always be
my greatest secret…

24 January 2012, 7:30pm (Jkta Time)
Inspired by and dedicated to: ABTS! :)


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