Four Seasons of Aloneness: My first attempt at finding the sun, the sand and the sea in the UK

One day, I just felt like I’ve had enough of buildings, of churches, of parks and of random street sceneries around here in the southern UK. So I searched for a nearby beach further down south, and my random searching brought me to Exmouth Beach…


Oh thank God for non-working weekends! :D

I would have gone to Cornwall, which is further down, but I thought I’d be reserving that place when I have someone to come along with me and do camping and surfing (as if!). It wouldn’t be fun to camp and surf alone, I guess… That’s why I settled for a daytrip in Exmouth. :)

A selfie and a cutie :)

A selfie and a cutie :)

I can't help taking a stolen shot of this cute kid while on train on our way to the beach... :)

I can’t help taking a stolen shot of this cute kid while on train on our way to the beach… :)

It was a 3-hour train ride (Reading-Exeter-Exmouth) to get there and I swear when I saw the beach, I literally ran my way down the shores barefoot; too excited to let my feet meet the sea! :D I know this beach doesn’t seem like paradise, but to be honest, I still had the most refreshing feeling after a long time!

My Happy Feet! :)

My Happy Feet! :)

I’ve had countless feetshots at this part of the shore; I just couldn’t get enough of the water—forgive me for that! haha! I didn’t care if I looked stupid, but I was silently laughing inside for acting so deprived of saltwater. And then I asked a random stranger to take a photo of me…with the beach as the background…. :)

Me and the Beach!

Me and the Beach!

And some selfie shots of course as I enjoyed the greyish/brownish sand; since I don’t want to disturb anyone anymore to take photos of me…



I walked my way along the shores, still barefoot, until I reached the end of the stretch and saw the red cliffs. I didn’t mind how hot it was, of having to walk under the midday sun; I felt like I needed to get a tan! (hahahahha feeling fair-skinned!).



I climbed up on one side of the cliff, met a few groups who are having a picnic on the shores with their almost bare skin, met a tattooed stranger who volunteered to take a photo of me when he saw me getting my cam timed and doing a selfie! =p Thanks to you!

Me and the Red Cliffs

As I was too tired of walking, like almost two hours to get to the red cliffs, I decided to take a rest, eat and enjoy the heat of the sun and sight of the sea while I sat on the sand. And in that moment, I realized how uplifting solo traveling could be!


After an hour or so, I decided to explore the other side of the cliff, so I climbed back up and followed the trail which led me to another beach. Here are some interesting snapshots which I captured as I walked along the trail. :)

Aww.  I wish I would still be climbing cliffs even if I get old... :)

Aww. I wish I would still be climbing cliffs even if I get old… :)

The Beach Houses.  Cool!

The Beach Houses. Cool!

Father and Son

Father and Son

Ahh the beach was just too full of people! Well, the Brits must have long anticipated for the sun, after having experienced the unusual winter season.

I stopped for some photos at this beach. I looked around and observed how the Brits were crowding on the shore to get some tan, with all their beach outfit… While I was all covered up! hahaha! For a moment there, I felt out-of-place. :D

The Busy South Beach

The Busy South Beach

I didn’t stay long at South Beach… It was almost 5 in the afternoon and I needed to start my walk back to Exmouth and back to the train station. The same trail, but with fewer people. The same beach but now the shore has become wider and the sea moved further away… Low tide…


After an hour and a half of walking, I’m almost at the train station. I’ve got a few minutes left before my scheduled trip, so for the last time, I sat on a sidewalk across the station as I waited for the setting sun. But then I realized, it was almost summer so the days here are longer, the sun sets at past seven.


I would have loved to see the sunset with this couple, but then it’s 7:20pm and I heard the train coming. I got up, walked to the station and hopped on the train to get back home.

Sunset and Empty Seats? Was I alone all along? :)

Sunset and Empty Seats? Was I alone all along? :)

It was a tiring but fulfilling trip. Probably because I needed a break that time–a break from work-related stress. I guess I should do this more often. :) Until then! :)



Four Seasons of Aloneness: London Photowalk

Four Seasons of Aloneness: London Photowalk

On Going Solo…

On Going Solo…

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