Saturday shUtter-day: I’m not lost…

seven sisters 010

I just temporarily lost sight of my destination…

I’ve been cutting myself off from lakwacha since the last weekend of June, and this will probably be this way until end of July (?) because:

  1. I need to save up for future travels out of the UK (yehey!!) –I just hope my Schengen Visa will be granted soon, and I hope it will be a multiple-entry visa! *crossing fingers*
  2. I need to revamp my flat, meaning I need to impress the lessor, who’s gonna visit on 9th of July. I’m excited to clean all the stains caused by condensation! Damn cold weather! I’m thinking of having a motif for the flat—RED! :) So I declined an invitation for a beach-trip this weekend because I need to stay home and do the cleaning!
  3. I need to lose some pounds, I’m serious! :p No food-trip on weekends… And by food-trip I mean binging with friend/s.

So until then, outside world! :)

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