Scotland at Last! …minus the tent and the campsite

I remember last year, I was already mentioning to Tsadiktus that I’d love to go to Scotland, that I’d love to break away from the normal parks and buildings and churches that I often see in my current town, and around London and other nearby towns/cities here in the southern part of the UK.

“Wait for me, let’s go together to Scotland…let’s pitch a tent, let’s camp…” I’m sure he might have already forgotten about what he said. But yeah, I waited—okay, part of the waiting was really because I didn’t want to go to Scotland alone last year—I think it’s too pretty to be admiring it by myself and it’s a bit of a loser of me to be camping alone! But back then, that plan was way too uncertain because the “Tsadiktus-will-be-working-in-the-UK-concept” was still out of the picture. So I didn’t hold my hopes too high on that idea.

But then fate has a way of making some plans come to reality—Tsadiktus got a job in the UK late last year, >>fast forward>> and so the trip to Scotland happened last Easter break! …just minus the tent and the campsite.

We basically spent 3 and a half days in Scotland, exploring both the capital city, Edinburgh and the highlands of Scotland, where we joined a group of tourists through Rabbie’s. Below are some of the pix that we had during the trip; separate posts will soon be up for Edinburgh and the Highlands.

Edinburgh – the capital city of Scotland



The Highlands – Inverness and Lochness




Itinerary to follow.
Where we stayed: Edinburgh Day1 (Marchfield Guest House – +447887855237,; Inverness Day2 (Scottish Youth Hostels Association –; Edinburgh Day3 (Britannia Edinburgh Hotel – +448712210243,
How we got there: Train from London St. Pancras Station to Edinburgh
Train ticket booking:

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