How to Pay your Cebu Pacific Flight Booking Using BDO Online Banking

I thought to share something useful for those who are booking a Cebu Pacific flight online and wanted to pay through a BDO ATM debit card that’s registered to BDO Online Banking. This has been helpful for me when I was planning for my Philippine trip whilst I am still in the UK, and wanted to use my Philippine bank account to pay for Philippine internal flights to avoid forex-related costs. :)

So below is a step-by-step process from when you have done all your selection of flight schedules and keying in passenger details. You will be directed to the payment page (5th tab) with the following payment options as below (i.e., Credit Card/Debit Card, PayPal, or Payment Centers):

(1)  Select the option “Payment Centers” and select “Pay before 11:59PM, Philippine Standard Time” (see below screenshot).


This option will show the list of banks that can use this mode of payment, BDO is one of those.


(2)  Once the selection is done and submitted, you will then be on the 6th tab “Confirmation”, which will give you the amount to be paid and the 14-digit “Reference Number” (i.e., 12345668901234).


(3)  You will then need to log-in to your BDO Online Banking account to make the payment. Once on your BDO account page, on your left sidebar, you can either (a) Select through “Navigate / Financial Services / Bills Payment / Pay Bills” or (b) Click the quick link to pay bills.


(4)  You will then be directed to the “Pay Bills” page where you will

  • select “Cebu Pacific Air” as the Company Biller;
  • input the amount to be paid;
  • input the Cebu Pacific Booking Reference Number (i.e., 12345668901234) under “Subscriber Name”; and
  • input your name under “Subscriber Name”


(4)  Once you submit your payment, BDO will then confirm that the payment transaction is successful (you can print as PDF a copy of the payment as evidence if needed later). It takes quite a few hours for Cebu Pacific to send the booking confirmation/flight itinerary so be patient!

In my case, I had to contact the Cebu Pac hotline at 4am Ph time (I paid at around 6:30pm Ph time) as I haven’t received the itinerary from Cebu Pac, and have been told that the itinerary would normally be sent by or before 12nn Ph time  the next day as payment still needs clearing. And I got it! So I guess it worked and that’s why I’m sharing.

You’re welcome! :)


2 thoughts on “How to Pay your Cebu Pacific Flight Booking Using BDO Online Banking

  1. I also did that however the 14-digit reference number Cebu Pac gave is invalid. How can I solve that?

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