14for2014: Scottish Highlands Photo Diary

Spring of 2014. In the midst of a very busy audit engagement. It was a temporary escape. Went far up north, in another kingdom. I’d like to call it Kingdom. I thought it sounds so cool. Scotland!—farther, in the Scottish highlands! When I think about Scotland, I used to imagine camping—with the soft earth as my bed, the canopy of stars my ceiling and the chirping of the birds my lullaby at night and my alarm in the early morning. That’s how I imagined my Scotland visit would be.

Scottish Highlands_02

Scottish Highlands_22

Scottish Highlands_08

Scottish Highlands_10

Scottish Highlands_06

Scottish Highlands_11

Scottish Highlands_01

But no, reality was way too far from what I have imagined.  We were sitting most of the time on the bus, as we traveled from Edinburgh to the Scottish highlands. For the first few minutes, I listened to the tour guide, explaining stuff, and then my mind drifted away, out of the bus’ window. Out where the vastness of the highlands seemed to have overwhelmed me, until I was no longer paying attention to the tour guide and lost myself in the lovely view.

Scottish Highlands_17

Scottish Highlands_12

Scottish Highlands_16

Scottish Highlands_03

I watched the mountains from where I was comfortably sat—silently wishing I’d climb one of them one day. One day. I saw Ben Nevis, from afar, thinking about the possibility of ticking “climb the highest mountain in the UK” off my ever-expanding bucketlist. Ambitious, yes.

Scottish Highlands_14

But no, I guess climbing Ben Nevis would not be anytime soon.

Scottish Highlands_19

The moor, as they call it. It’s amazing how a massive form of nothingness can still be very attractive. I don’t know, but at that time, I thought oblivion might be a good place to be in. This may sound a bit lonely. I don’t know, maybe I WAS.  Maybe I was lonely while I explored the Scottish highlands. Darn it! It was a perfect place to be emo, I guess.

Scottish Highlands_21

Scottish Highlands_15

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the reality as I loved the imagination. I loved how the postcard-worthy views amplified the drama of the old me. Weird. But yes, Scottish highlands is still 💗. And I wish to go back and climb the mountains.

Date of travel: 18-21 April 2014
Where we stayed: Scottish Youth Hostels Association – http://www.syha.org.uk/
Tour Agent: http://www.rabbies.com/tour_scotland.asp?gclid=CI_tmcnxn74CFebItAodTmgAPw

Note: This trip is part of a 4D3N trip in Scotland during Easter 2014. We spent Days 1 and 4 in the capital city Edinburgh, Scotland.

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