Four Seasons of Aloneness: My Batanes-Kind-of-Trip in the UK :)


No, I’m not back in the Philippines yet. And no, I’m no way near Batanes. :)

This trip was supposed to be “aimless”… One weekend, I was just thinking of train-station-hopping, random. I just needed an escape! :p But then on second thought, I might end up disappointed and that would mean wasting some bucks. So I hurriedly searched for a daytrip destination—and Seaford it was! :)

Four Seasons of Aloneness: London Photowalk

The London Eye and Me

And I am saying: Just because I am alone doesn’t mean I won’t travel… And so this was the start of my solitary wandering around the UK… In my attempt at crossing out one of the items that I’ve listed in my 2013 Bucket List (which is “to visit at least one tourist spot in the UK per month! =p), I have decided to give London a short visit at the end of February this year, since it’s the nearest tourist spot from where I currently stay (Reading)….

On Going Solo…

And not having a choice! :)
Me going solo :) --click on image for a full view :)

Traveling, a lifetime passion, I guess. A constant effort to fulfill a long-term dream. And perhaps one of the best remedies that one could consider for an injured heart (lalalala…). A refuge that someone could seek after getting a bad fall? I don’t know. Perhaps traveling has been my escape from reality to experience another kind of reality. Labo, I know right! :D But I know you kind of get what I’m trying to say here…