On Going Solo…

And not having a choice! :)

Traveling, a lifetime passion, I guess. A constant effort to fulfill a long-term dream. And perhaps one of the best remedies that one could consider for an injured heart (lalalala…). A refuge that someone could seek after getting a bad fall? I don’t know. Perhaps traveling has been my escape from reality to experience another kind of reality. Labo, I know right! :D But I know you kind of get what I’m trying to say here…

Traveling and me, and friends and family… If you’re a constant reader of my posts on traveling, you might have noticed that I’ve always had companions during my trips… Well, I’ve never wanted to travel alone for so many reasons; I just didn’t think it would be FUN to be doing it solo…

But when I’ve made a decision to follow the 3C’s of life (naks gumaganon! Choices, Chances, Changes) —which I gave a little twist (I’m arranging it as Chances, Choices, Changes…and added another C—Challenges!), everything seemed to have changed! Well, I’ve had the chance to move to a different place (primarily for professional reasons, secondarily for travel haha!). Then I made a choice to take that chance, and here I am experiencing changes and challenges as I live my life differently!

It’s been almost three months since I’ve moved to this entirely different environment! I’m 7 hours behind the Philippines from April to October, and 8 hours from November to March! Making this decision excites and scares me at the same time… I feel so stoked because I’d be closer to my dream tourist destinations! But then I feel a little scared because I’m all by myself! hohoho! I’m excited to experience all four seasons, but the thought of it leads me to the realization that it would most likely be a “four seasons of aloneness!” :-/

Don’t get me wrong; this may sound a little sad, but I’m actually okay with being alone. Hahaha! (convinced?!) Since I don’t have much of a choice, perhaps all I could do is to be a little braver and be more responsive (in a positive way) to whatever life throws at me. Yun yun eh!

3 months… and surely my “Four Seasons of Aloneness” (a.k.a. Going Solo) would have had begun! Yes it did! And here’s list of some of the changes that I expect to happen during my solitary wandering:

1. My constant companions on traveling would most likely be my playlist, ipad for ibooks and google maps, pocket wifi, and of course my cameras (Candice and O-Tough)! =p

Traveling companions --click on image for a full view :)

2. I am really hoping to get an improved sense of direction! =p Because I frequently get lost around places unless I’ve been there for more than once! :)

3. You would be seeing less photos of me and more photos of the places I see. :D
Sample! :)

London Tower Bridge --click on image for full view :)

And if I’d be posting photos of me, they would most likely look like these:

Me going solo :) --click on image for a full view :)

4. Because of #3, I really hope to get improved photography skills! =)

5. And I hope (I don’t expect much though hhaha!) to be less shy, more street smart, a little less snob (which I really think is linked to my being shy haha!), more extrovert! =p

So far, during my previous solo travels, I could say that I’ve enjoyed it. =) From getting the feeling of complete freedom, of being carefree, to being able to move at my own pace… ;-) Looking forward to more trips and hopefully I’d be able to timely blog them all here! :)



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