Whitewater Rafting: Davao vs. Cagayan de Oro

Davao vs. Cdo --Battling with the Rapids!!! --click on image for a full view :)

Just thought about comparing our experiences on whitewater rafting in Davao (in 2010) and CDO (2012) :) Full story on surviving the near-death (hahaha! near-death talaga?) whitewater rafting experience in CDO in a later post, okay? I just feel so lazy to lay out the full story hahaha! :)

My 28-Within-28-Before-28 Project! –EPIC FAIL! :/

Original Posting Date: October 12, 2012 Updated: November 11, 2012 — Kaboom! Congrats Ateneo, for winning UAAP Season 75 basketball finals yesterday! :D Happy Fiesta Pilar, my beloved Zamboanga City–today’s the day!! Zamboangueños, be safe in every way! hehehe! <<—off topic, maisingit lang! :D Anyway, earth to me now! Hiyes! Here I go again… one…

Slacker Mode On! –it’s been a while…

Perfect way to pass the time off on a lazy Sunday afternoon… Decided not to work on that weekend (quota na’ko sa pag-pasok sa opisina ng weekend!), plus needed to study for an English Exam! Pero dahil sa tinamad ako mag-aral, naisipan kong ju-mam mag-isa! Salamat sa nagpahiram ng gitara… :) So I recorded some…

Explore Singapore! :) [The Weekend Trips]

Singapore :)  --click on image for a full view :)
I had the opportunity to work in Singapore (SG) during the first two months of 2010 (tagal na noh, bago nakapag-post! haha!). It’s a good opportunity to have met and interacted with people of differing culture and attitude towards work. It’s a bit challenging though (and nosebleeding for the most part of my stay in SG hehe) as the locals have a different accent that I had a hard time understanding what they were trying to say…but at least, most of them speak and understand English! :D

Apathetic vs. Plastic

I don’t exactly know what got into my mind to write about this topic… Never really want to talk about religion and anything related to it… It’s not that I don’t believe in Religion; I grew up as a Catholic, and I still am, actually :). It’s just that I choose not to think about…

My No-Bake Mocha-Butter Cake

Bagong trip!!! Experimental “Baking”!!! ehehe! teka, no-bake pala ‘tong dessert ko! :D Naiimagine nyo na siguro kung ga’no ako ka-bored sa buhay ko ngaun dito sa Indonesia noh, at kung anu-anu na ang naiisip kong pagkain! hahaha! Nag-eenjoy naman ako, at heto, bigla ko lang na-tripan ang dessert! Actually, medyo ginaya ko lang ‘to dun…

Zambales 1 of 3: Mt. Pundaquit’s Summit

Zambales 1 of 3: Mt. Pundaquit’s Summit

Thizzzizzzit! We purposely scheduled the trip on a Sunday ‘cause both of my companions had to work and had to take an exam that Saturday. Oks lang naman, kase long weekend, so kahit na-move ng Sunday, tuloy na tuloy ang gala! :D We met at about 10.30pm (Saturday) in Makati Ave and off we went to Buendia Victory Liner station to take the midnight trip to Zambales. Thanks to the organizer for informing us of the time of the trip, which was just perfect for the early morning trek in Mt. Pundaquit :).

Trek to Mt. Pinatubo Crater, Winner!

Mt. Pinatubo Viewdeck

My last gala for 2011!!! Nakahabol pa sa bucket list checking hehehe! It was during 2010 that I started thinking about visiting the famous Mt. Pinatubo, a dormant volcano in Zambales, after seeing lots of beautiful pix from friends. However, due to the hectic sched and unavailability of always-on-the-go friends, I wasn’t able to carry out the plan that year. So in 2011, I included Mt. Pinatubo in my must-go places! :D Before the year 2011 ended, I invited some high school friends to join me in this trip, and luckily, napapayag ko sila! :D We were supposed to be 4 in the group, but the other one had to go back home to Zambo City the day before this trip! so ang ending, tatlo lang kame! :D dami no?! ehehe!