My 28-Within-28-Before-28 Project! –EPIC FAIL! :/

Original Posting Date: October 12, 2012
Updated: November 11, 2012

Kaboom! Congrats Ateneo, for winning UAAP Season 75 basketball finals yesterday! :D Happy Fiesta Pilar, my beloved Zamboanga City–today’s the day!! Zamboangueños, be safe in every way! hehehe! <<—off topic, maisingit lang! :D

Anyway, earth to me now! Hiyes! Here I go again… one of the many bucket lists that I’ll try to accomplish! Ni hindi ko nga matapos-tapos ang mga work-related to-do’s ko, heto na naman ako, umeekstra-kurikular na naman ako! hehehe! Yay! Magtu-28 na pala ako?! But in appearance and in substance, I believe I am just 22! :p Olrayt, I’m counting down–stopped at quarter-life… :D Enough of denying now! This is my second year to try this kind of project—the first time was last year, and it was not so successful hahaha! Wanna see last year’s list?? Click this link.

Oh well, sometimes we all need that starting point to get some stuff done!  Hopefully, I could accomplish these all!  So here’s the list!!! :)

1. Finish reading 50 shades (only read Book 1 and started a few pages in Book 2 haha! gotta finish this ASAP! Parang nakalimutan ko na kung ano yung nabasa ko ah! ehehe!)

Ay anu ba yon?? Hanggang Chapter 10 lang ako ng Book 2! boo!! kase naman, may ibang pinagkaabalahang basahin, loan contracts! buset! :/

2. Read: The Hunger Games Trilogy (may oras pa kaya? ehehe!)

Never ko binuksan ang e-books! hahaha!

These readings will add to the list at hand like reading IFRIC 12, service concession agreements, loan contracts, sales agreements, significant processes of my telco clients… mygasabelgas! @_@

3. Watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I (yeah right, just before the second part of this fourth book will be shown! Gotta get over some nega vibes that I felt from Breaking Dawn Part I last year! Oh Melancholic Episode! Demet ABTS!)

Oops! Didn’t watch this…wala pala ako’ng copy ng movie na ‘to!

4. Watch The Vow (I know I know! Another super-delayed movie-watching! Hahaha! I’m just too tired for love stories hahaha! char!)

Oct. 19, 2012 – Watched this movie on a Friday night, after an exhausting week, while I wait for my mango ref cake to be chilled.  Oh well, para na naman ako’ng baliw, naiyak sa movie! hahaha! 

Adding to the list (again) of The Mistress and those other Pinoy movies I copied from a friend’s DVD hehe!

5. Don’t post in FB for 28 days (hehehe! almost a month din ‘to ah! Kakayanin kaya? PM allowed, especially with my family…OFW exception!) kaya ‘to! Sa ngaun, mga almost 1 month na din ako di nagpo-post sa FB! ehehe!

Nov. 9, 2012 –  Nice! Napanindigan ang hindi pag-post sa FB Wall! wala lang ako’ng gana, mabagal net ng pocket wifi, ta’s mahirap magbrowse sa BB. ows? Yun nga ba ang dahilan? haha! kinokontra na naman ang sarili!

6. Add a new blog page –-places I’ve visited and those that are still on my long list! :)

Nov. 9, 2012 – Fail! As usual! before the year ends na lang… :D

7. 10 thousand views in this blog by November 9 haha! ang ambitious lang!

Nov. 9, 2012 – 8,657 lang! hahaha! kapos!

8. Get done with old blogposts (Naga sidetrip, Pangasinan, CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin, Cebu-Bohol with Family, Zamboanga, Sentosa and USS, Backpacking Malaysia—KL and Melaka, Bangkok) -–so that I’ll be ready to post about Indonesia haha! That’s a whole lotta things to write about!!! :D aja!

Nov. 9, 2012 – Hala! wala ni isang na-post! Fail!

9. Buy myself a new gadget: either laptop (or iPad..nah too much of a luxury! *kuripotmuch* ..thinking of buying a laptop, not a notebook, need one that can install photo apps), underwater/all-weather-cam (the 2012 version of Olympus Tough perhaps…sana out na!)
10. Buy my mom that led-tv that I was eyeing on since April 2012! –supposed to be a birthday gift for my ermat last August pero hindi ako nakabili, abala eh! :(
11. Buy myself a winter jacket at a discount! Yiiii!!! Getting ready for something??
12. Buy myself that arm trimmer para lumiit naman ng konti ang braso ko! :D

#9-12 – Nov. 9, 2012 – Major fail!

13. Lose AT LEAST 3kgs!!! ambitious ehhh… Starting weight: 51kgs

Nov 10, 2012 – The weighing scale says 50kg! 1 kg lang ang na-lose ko demet! @_@

14. Try/Learn the Zumba Dance (really, why is it so sikat? Puro Hip Hop Abs lang ang exercise ko, but my tummy’s still prominent! Haha! Baka sakali with the Zumba dance, ma-checkan ko din yung #13! hehe!) I might need to take herbalife now wehehe!

Nov. 9, 2012 – Major fail! wala akong mahanap na pirated dvd haha!

15. Strictly no rice within these days… kahit weekend! PIGil-mode!

Nov 9, 2012 – Hiyess of course! Hindi na effort sakin ang iwasan ang kanin! Keribels ko na’ng hindi mag-rice! Pero dahil birthday ko sa araw na ‘to, at eat-all-you-can ang trip namin, nag-rice na’ko! :D

16. Cook an Indonesian dish (one that I tried in Puncak—lemme ask the name of that dish.) Accordingly it’s a Java favorite! sarap eh!

Nov. 9, 2012 – Major fail! I have the ingredients,I just didn’t have the time!

17. Try/Modify another no-bake cake/dessert! <3 kelangan ko ng inspirasyon for this! Haha!

Oct. 19, 2012 – I was supposed to make a fruity float/ref cake, pero nauwi sa mango ref cake na lang ehehe! badtrip kase yung nabili kong fruit cocktail, parang expired na!

18. Eat something unusual… Heard there’s a place here in Jakarta that serves Sate Rabbit (rabbit bbq) hahaha ma-try nga!
19. Activate my roaming sim!!! Badtrip, ang useless ng globe simcard ko! Get a new simcard!
20. Out-of-Jakarta Backpack Trip (prolly my last haha!) –hopefully out of Java (lagi kase within Java lang ang trips namin!)

#18-20 – Nov. 9, 2012 – Major fail!

21. Get done with the first two phases of GAM for all my clients; clear all pending items with primary teams! And get clearance for all those consultation memo! :D

Nov. 9, 2012 – Pending yung client eh! ehehe! *may excuse*

22. Say goodbye hahaha! labo! Basta! agad agad?? Hehe!

Nov. 6, 2012 – Sawakas! I was able to find the courage to finally say goodbye.. =p

23. Convince a friend to sell his guitar to me at Php1,000! hahaha! Or buy myself that Silent Guitar that I’ve always been dreaming of? haha! ang mahal lang! Gastos!

Nov. 9, 2012 – Wala eh, hiniram ko na lang yung gitara, at least nakatugtog ng konti ehehe!

24. Stick to the planned commitment to sing in a church choir! yehboi!

Nov. 9, 2012 – Wala na..dahil nagpaka-busy ang lola, pumapasok ng weekend, di na’ko naka-attend ng practice sa choir na yun! tsk tsk!

25. Get a new ear-piercing sa right ear? :D trip lang… Currently, I got 3 piercings on my right ear and 3 on my left—-oh masochist ever! Parang gusto kong madagdagan eh! It’s been a while, college pa’ko nung last time i pierced my ear hehe! –depende na ‘to sa mood.. :D

Nov. 9, 2012 – Mashado akong magood vibes kaya hindi ako na-tempt mag-earpierce! :D

26. Have a ___ for 28 days! Ahaha! Now I need a volunteer for this one! *weirdo* :)

Nov. 9, 2012 – Hahahaha! ba’t ko nga ba inisip na isali ‘to?! Baka lang may mag-volunteer! =p

27. Make this ______ as _____ as _____. Hahaha! Now this one’s very personal and private! Kakahiya! :D

#Nov. 9, 2012 – Major fail! I therefore conclude, hindi effective! Time to find an alternative solution!

28. No more tears, no more tangles hehehe! bawal umiyak, please lang self! :D

#Oct. 12, 2012 – Hahaha! Unang araw pa lang ng project, sablay na! Buset kase ang movie na The Mistress, akalain mo yun, naiyak ako dun! babaw! haha! ta’s sinundan pa nung pinanuod ko naman yung The Vow the following Friday (see #4 above)! Mababaw ang luha haha! Pero it’s not the movie that made me cry; but the thoughts/realizations that run through my head while I watch the movie ehehehe! Yun yun eh! :/

And so Day 1 begins today! Aja! :)



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14 thoughts on “My 28-Within-28-Before-28 Project! –EPIC FAIL! :/

      • ahaha magvovolunteer ako sa 26th kung sasabihin mo ang 27th. haha konti na lang, magiging professional stalker na ‘ko. :)

        • aba kumukundisyon ka pa ah! haha! volunteer pala ah, cge sasabihin ko sau yung #27 pag nagampanan mo ang pagiging volunteer hanggang Nov 9! patas lang di ba?? game! =p

    • hahaha! ayaw mo kase mag-volunteer eh! ma-beat lang ang 1-week record! haha! ewan ko ba, ang simple nga ng nilista ko, di pa din na-checkan haha! next year na lang ulit :)

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