Bucket List: 13 for 2013! Chances. Choices. Changes.

A not-so-new-kind-of-post.

Honestly, I found it hard to come up with my 2013 Bucket List! :) Kaya ngaun lang nakapag-post eh! I don’t know, but could it be that I am already satisfied/contented with what I currently have? with how I currently live my life? Perhaps I’ve grown tired of living in plans, blocking off schedules, meeting deadlines and/or crossing out to-do lists! Or maybe I’ve grown tired of a number of unaccomplished/unfulfilled plans. Hahahaha! Ewan ko…

Anyway, buti na lang tambay mode ako ngaun! With the current state that I’m in (i.e., skacker, tambay, bum), wherein I’m having frequent dialogues with myself, I was forced to come up with the following things to do this 2013. =p

  1. One tourist spot (in the UK) per month.  Moving in to a different place excites me this year (ummm scares me at the same time though ehehe!).  Just to satisfy this ever-growing wanderlust, I’ll be exploring this part of the world, alone or with a “solemate”. :)
  2. Learn a new sport.  Ambitious, yes.  I’ve always wanted to be sporty when I was younger (hahaha! kung makapagsalita, parang antanda ko na!).  Sanay lang ako sa mga larong-kanto and traditional games nung bata pa’ko hehe! Pero I got to learn to play table tennis and volleyball in high school; judo and basketball in college (required sa PE classes eh! Hahaha!). And the only sport that I competed into during college was Darts hahaha! Bull’s eye! Kase yun ung nilalaro ni college crush eh, aside from lawn tennis and taekwondo! =p
  3. Volunteer for an outreach program or something to that effect. ehehe! Wala lang, trip lang… Epekto ata ‘to ng pagiging tambay ko the past few days.  Gan’tong mga charity works naiisip kong gawin every time I’m having a dialogue with myself.  Wala, gusto ko lang ng konting meaningful event for 2013. :)
  4. Maging **** ** ******* before the end of 2013! <3 hahaha! no matter how odd and how impossible this may seem, I’ve decided to give myself the chance to revive this “faith in uncertainty” which has been once broken.  Char! Nakikita ko nang hindi ‘to matutupad! Nyahaha! May parevive-revive pa’ko ha! :p
  5. Wear a skirt / dress at least once a week (in the office or during weekend trips).  Hahahaha natatawa ako habang tina-type ko ‘to! Maybe it’s time to overcome the hassle!:p Since feeling ko ‘di na ganun katindi ang pagcocommute (yung tipong byaheng Dian to Ayala via bus, standing-position-damit-na-lang-ang-pagitan-kind-of-commuting).
  6. Eat / Cook something unusual.  Rabbit pa din nasa isip ko hanggang ngaun! haha!
  7. Do a part-time job / Earn extra income.  I’m thinking of accepting tutorial services (parang hindi busy eh!). Shocks! Anu ba ‘tong mga iniisip ko, slacker talaga ang peg! Or pwedeng seryosohin na ang franchising business—I’ll be very involved (virtually maybe, kase malayo ako) in running the biz.
  8. Experience Moonlight over Paris. ehehe! Wala lang, I just remembered the song… Ka-emohan lang, walang basagan ng trip! lalalalalala!
  9. Lose some weight and maintain it at 50kg or below.  Final na, di na pwede lumagpas pa! Starting weight: 52kg na ba? Takot akong magweigh-in ngaun haha! Oh well, I’m bringing some skyflakes to the UK to help me achieve this hehe! No-rice mode ulet just like in Indonesia, and no pasta na sana… :D
  10. 1 million Peso savings for 2013! Hohohoho! Boom! I’ll be watching closely my cash flows for this year. It’s time to effectively manage my finances, make investments and stuff like that. ehehe! Kelangan na sigurong magseryoso sa buhay (parang hindi serious dati no!).
  11. Try a new hairstyle?  Wanting to get back that old curly hair. Parang sawa na’ko mgparebond ng buhok! Haha!  Sana pag kumulot, maayos na curls naman ehehehe!
  12. Go out on an unusual date.  Not the usual dinner-movie-kind-of-date.  Basta sana yung kakaiba! It’s time to revive the romantic side of me. haha! Nagawa ko na sana yun nung 2012, kaso umurong puso ko hahaha! hmp! Ngaun, meron na’ko naiisip na unusual, pero ang malaking tanong, sino ang pwedeng i-date??? Hahaha!
  13. Read. Read. Read. And share some takeaways. I have the urge to read, pero di ko maaksyunan! Hahaha! Nakadepende talaga sa mood ang pagbabasa! And it also depends kung inspired or not! ehehe! =p

That’s it! 13 goals to accomplish / to-do’s for 2013!
Sabi nga “Nothing is impossible, only difficult; And difficulty is overrated”.  So bring it on! =)




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