2010: Tambay sa Tagaytay

Super Backposting: Sidetrip to Tagaytay after the Taal Adventure in 2010!

When: May 8, 2010
With whom: Officemates

After the tiring but fun Taal Adventure, we headed on to an officemate’s (Madam Wenda’s) house in Tagaytay, near the famous Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Dun na kame pinag-lunch sa bahay nila ehehehe! And then we spent the rest of the afternoon at their place—very nice house hehehe! :)

Tagaytay: Loyola Residence :)

We were told by Madam Wenda’s mom that their house was used before in a telenovela (GMA 7 show i think) hehe! And we saw pix of local artists in their lovely home, perhaps during shoot. Galing lang! ehehe! Dito na kame tumambay for the rest of the afternoon, mga feeling artista na rin for having experienced being in this house! wehehe! (Pag nakita ‘to ni Ms. Wenda, patay! :p) What we did was pikchuran at tambay lang sa labas ng bahay.

Tagaytay Tambay :)  --click image for a full view.

Sarap lang talagang tumambay dito. Nakakatuwa, madaming magagandang bulaklak sa garden. Ta’s yung location ng bahay, yung sa hill, wala, hayy wala, maganda! :D

Tagaytay Tambay :)

Habang tumatambay, I grabbed the opportunity to try some aperture-priority shots—subject ko mga bulaklak sa garden ehehe! :D

Tagaytay Photoshoot! :)

Just in front of their house, is the Morning Side Hills Hotel, which is owned by their family! oh ha! bongga! So, to anybody who happens to pass by this blog, and plans to stay in Tagaytay, their hotel is a good choice kase malapit lang sa mga papasyalan. [nag-advertise pa eh! :p]

Didn’t have much pic at their hotel, umupo lang kame dun at nanuod ng tv hehe! Nagpalipas-oras before we headed to Picnic Grove!

Tagaytay Tambay :) Picturan sa may Morning Side Hills Hotel :) ---click image for a full view.

After all the pagtatambay sa bahay and hotel, we decided to go to Picnic Grove. Konting lakad lang palabas ng Mendoza Street, then we walked for a few minutes, narating na namin ang Picnic Grove. It was my first time to go to Picnic Grove hahaha kaya we tried the Zipline! weee! ahahaha simple joys! :D

Tagaytay Zipline!!! :D

Then, we waited for the sunset…

2010: Tambay sa Tagaytay

…and then there’s the sunset! <3

Tagaytay Sunset <3

And then we went back to Madam’s house. Rested for a while… Ta’s kain na naman, bago kame ihatid sa Olivarez Plaza, where we waited for a bus going to Baclaran. Tapos two-hour drive and we’re home again! :D


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