…Broken–that’s my heart’s current condition. I feel its beating in the same way as I feel the pain that caused it to break. I just can’t control myself from being so affected by what’s happening with my love life right now [charr!]. I’m finding it hard to let go of what I feel for this lucky guy who did nothing but ignore what I feel. [badtrip!]

Broken Heart Myspace Comments

And I’m coming [again] to a point where I have to choose between holding on and letting go [charr ulet!]. Should I hold on to good mem’ries which I’m not even sure were true? Or should I let go of the person whom I shared those good mem’ries with? Either way, PAIN is inevitable!
Why does he have to be a part of my everyday thought? When I’m trying to move on, everything else reminds me of what used to be–from the places that we used to go to, the common friends that we used to hang out with, the simple pang-aasar that I’m trying to bitterly avoid.

How long shall I go through all of this? I want to move on, yet part of me holds back…Part of me still believes in what could possibly be. I guess I’ll never be okay unless I’ll have the chance to personally discuss these crap things with him. But I’m too scared to try to invite him for a talk…Too scared for his non-reaction..

2 thoughts on “thRoUgh

  1. hindi ko rin alam
    hindi ko alam kung ano ang ipapayo ko sa yo
    sabi kasi
    wag hihingi ng payo sa kapwa lasing
    pareho tayong heartbroken
    sorry muna sa ngayon

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