Shoot Mo, Shoot Ko! [The KL Edition]

I happened to browse through my old folders, while I was trying to make up my mind as to which travel adventure to post in this not-so-updated blog [past travels? recent travels? ughh! Dami ko pang dapat na habuling blogposts!]. Anyway, back to my browsing through old folders now—and so I saw this folder on my biglaang-trip to Malaysia, way back 2010.

Oh boy! We spent more than half a day at Petronas Towers, pwede pa sana gumala sa ibang lugar! ehehe! Oh well, the disadvantage of a not-so-prepared trip! :) But I remembered the reason why we were stuck at Petronas…we were waiting for our scheduled bus trip to Bangkok!

Anyway, we stayed at the back of Petronas Towers, where tourists, photo hobbyists, and the like, were taking photos of/with the Petronas Towers. Since, we’ve already had our share of the photo ops that afternoon, we were basically just people-watching! :D

I was amused by how people struggled with their cameras/poses just to get good shots of/with the Petronas Towers! And my people-watching hobby had its evidence! Tadah! Paparazzi / stalker shots! :D

*Disclaimer: Photos are not intended to harm, insult, degrade, the subjects, in whatever way. I don’t mean to be rude… This is just for fun! :D*

Astig ng pose mga kuya! :D

The Look-Down Pose…

Hmm sa gan’tong anggulo, makukuhanan mo kaya ang buong Petronas Towers sa background???

The S-pose! Curve kung curve! :)

Hahaha! ang hirap talaga maging photographer! :)

Sniper shot!

The Lost Look! :D

Ehehe! Kaya di na’ko magtataka, kung somewhere in the blogosphere ay may makita rin akong pikchur ko while I try to get a good angle of the Petronas Towers: yung gan’tong view oh! :)

The Petronas Towers (at Daytime and Nighttime)

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