INDONESIA: My Top 3 Favorite Weekend Fillers

#1 – Out-of-Jakarta Trips!
Of course, this comes first on my list! Gala-mode on! :D


  • I get to see and photograph a lot of interesting places in the Indonesia archipelago
  • The weekend trips deepen my understanding of the Indonesian culture (nux! ehehe!)
  • I get to enhance/practice my Bahasa Indonesia skills! haha! :D


  • Cash outflows exceeding limits hehehe!
  • Lack of sleep ^)^

#2 – Weekend Apartment-Hopping [Videoke.Food.Friends]
We’ve had countless weekend gettos already—mostly to celebrate friends’ birthdays! Food trip and laugh trip galore! :D


  • I get the chance to practice these vocal cords! :p
  • It’s a chance to de-stress a little bit after some toxic weekdays!


  • Ruined diet plans
  • Lack of sleep (again hehe!) ^)^

#3 – Malling in Jakarta
Ohhh. If we’ve got no other choice, we splurge! Joke! We window-shop! :D Bawal kase tumambay sa bahay, nakakalungkot! :D Minsan pictorial sa mall… :D


  • I get to enhance/practice my Bahasa Indonesia skills! haha! :D  –especially when we try to haggle with the saleslady (sa mga tsangge! Hehehe!)
  • I get to try local food :)


  • Ruined diet plans  *_*
  • Cash outflows exceeding the budget!

#4 – Work in the Office Erase erase erase! There you go, top three lang! #4’s not a fave weekend activity… but sadly, I’ve been in the office for three straight weekends already! —today’s my 3rd! Hmp!


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