**This is a poem written way back 2002 (i’m guessing hehe basta sometime during my early days in college) and dedicated to a friend whom I’ve never met in person… Then I dedicated this again to another guy when I was in 4th year college (ni-recycle ko, so what! hahaha!)… And now, I wanna dedicate this to someone (pangatlo na, pasensya, sana last na ‘to!) with some edits. Ngayon ko lang ni-post kase kung dati pa, baka biglang i-google nung isa sa mga sinendan ko neto, patay ang stalking career ko! hahaha!**

I was am holding on to my history, it won’t set me free.
I was am trapped and was I’m feeling empty; strong walls surrounded me.
My feelings, behind bars of steel; my heart just won’t heal…
I looked up as i kneel; I hated the way i feel!

Then you came, broke the chains, and took me to deliverance.
A face unseen, a voice unheard; I am scared to take the chance…  --from

‘Cause my past haunts me,
its dark shadow won’t leave me.
There was so much pain
that i tried I am trying to contain.

There was so much regret,
that i can’t seem to forget.
BUT still, suddenly and unexpectedly,
you made me forget reality!

Then the walls begin to break,
and the world is about to see…
What I was trying to fake,
could no longer stay inside of me.

I told I tell myself it’s alright to be weak,
that it’s alright to cry.
Yet I fear, for i might live another lie…

One more step, and I’m about to fall…
butSo i stood I am standing still!
‘Cause with one move, I might lose it all,
before I’ll get to know what’s real.

Now everything slowly fades away, I can’t wish I can make you stay.
But I guess I’ll have to run back to my hiding place, and hide ’til the end of days.

But before everything completely goes to oblivion,
and before I have to face another dawn,
I have to admit, I almost had another fall
Almost…and just the same, I guess if I’ll pursue this, I guess i lost might lose it all…


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