Uncertainty to Possibility? Just save me…

Have you ever got a mixed feeling of elation and melancholy?
Of being brought out of an old trap but then getting into abysmal tangled thoughts?

I feel so caught up between welcoming a new feeling at the same time fearing to get another bad fall.
It’s just too uncertain, that I don’t want to get my hopes high, for the nth time.
But then lately, I find myself praying and holding on to a faith that this uncertainty can be a possibility…
Defenses are slowly crumbling down and yet again my rational mind gets in the way and cuts it all off…

Save Me... --click on image for a full view :)

Sadly, this is happening.
Am I becoming comfortable with the familiar melancholy (which leads to apathy),
that I’m unwilling to explore a new kind of elation? My utopian dream.. :/
Please save me, before it’s too late…

*Nakakarami ka na sa blog na ‘to…




ABTS, save me! ay erase! FS, save me!

Oh Strange Feeling! PTJ, am I inspired?!

Off-Topic: Mashado akong nag-eenjoy sayo, hindi pwede ‘to! *_*

Melancholic Episode

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