14 for 2014 Bucket List

It’s time for another list of things to accomplish in 2014! Although I haven’t ticked off all of the items I listed in 2013, I still have the drive to continue with my yearly bucket listing. I know, in time, I’ll get a perfect mark on my list! :)

14 for 2014 - 2

Four Seasons of Aloneness: A Birthday Run Away to Norway

One of my fave travel quotes says “I haven’t been EVERYWHERE, but it’s on my list”… So on my birthday, just out of randomness (and weirdness), I ran away alone and went to that “Everywhere”! :D **Ang arte lang!**

Flam, Norway --click on image for a full view :)

I took my love and I took it down; I climbed a mountain and I turned around… And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills; ’til the landslide brought me down… –Fleetwood Mac

On Going Solo…

And not having a choice! :)
Me going solo :) --click on image for a full view :)

Traveling, a lifetime passion, I guess. A constant effort to fulfill a long-term dream. And perhaps one of the best remedies that one could consider for an injured heart (lalalala…). A refuge that someone could seek after getting a bad fall? I don’t know. Perhaps traveling has been my escape from reality to experience another kind of reality. Labo, I know right! :D But I know you kind of get what I’m trying to say here…

2012 Indonesia and I: Kota Tua Snapshots

One fine Saturday during the month of April in 2012, my housemate and I visited Kota Tua in Jakarta for a photowalk. [Bago kase camera nya, kaya excited gamitin! hahaha!]. Now this blogpost contains some of my snapshots during that photowalk. (As you may notice, my snapshots were more concentrated on people around Kota Tua, rather than the place itself! hahaha!)
Note: Forgive my errors on the dates–photos were all taken on April 14, 2012, and not April 13. :)

Love and Admiration