Melancholic Episode

Somewhere along the road to recuperation,
You came and intruded into my imagination.
But I chose to hold back and contain this emotion,
And in solitude, I dread the day of revelation.

Consumed by fear and insecurity,
This heart ebbs away into a silent sanctuary.
Got disillusioned as I collided with reality,
And so I hopelessly tried to defy gravity.

You’re the battle that I choose not to fight;
Ours is the story that I choose not to write.
Ignored strange feelings as I take this flight;
Couldn’t find enough reason to believe this is right.

Dragged myself to a point of no return;
This old habit that I need to unlearn.
Can’t afford to take another recurring pattern…
Waited, decided to just let it all burn.

Shrugged the confused idea off my thought, As everyone tried my demeanor to decode.
I amplify the drama with this very sad note; Now I’m down to another melancholic episode…

December 4, 2011; 2pm; Inspired by ABTS :)

**You might want to check on another poem inspired by and dedicated to ABTS haha!
Read Secret Refuge :)

July 15, 2012 Update:
I just happened to Google “Melancholic Episode” and came across a blog post written in 2007, which I can somewhat relate hehehe! Wala lang, kala ko ako lang naka-isip ng “melancholic episode” wehehe! :D


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