My 2012 Baket Least? (Bucket List)

BOOM! Happy New Year!!! :D
Baket Least? These are some of the things that I least wanted to do, before 2012—na ngaun gusto ko nang masubukang gawin. To get things right for the new year, I listed them down and will try to complete them before end of the world errr end of 2012 I mean :D Trip trip ulet, laro-laro—yung iba may magandang benefits, yung iba naman random lang talaga na trip! Wholesome ‘to lahat, mahirap na! hahaha! [Yung medyo confi, ay akin na lang, sikreto muna! :D ] Kaya eto na sila!!!

1. Take a GOOD fall (yung tipong pang-forever na! ayee!!! forever daw oh! fall head over heels, gow! :D ..hindi sa ginagawa kong laro ito, pero dapat open na’ko for anything new—bawal na martyr! :D) I am ready for a fall! ahaha!

2. Go to Bali Indonesia and wear a two-piece! kung anung piece man yon, dapat dalawa! haha! :B Need to work on my beer-belly!!! wehehe!

3. Pursue a UK-based or US-based audit/accounting job! hehehe! I’m looking forward to a positive response from someone :) Ipagdadasal ko ‘to, pero pag hindi ibibigay, cge lang! :D

4. Master a new language!

5. Sing/Perform an acoustic song upstage! woohoo! :D

6. Compose a song for that someone special and sing it in front of him!—him (refer to #1 haha! di ba sweet???)

7. Get a new camera (compact with quality of an SLR; that’s good for traveling hehe) / telephoto lens!!!)

8. Visit at least 5 tourist destinations in Pinas for 5 different nature wonders and adventures! O ha! hehe! Ang gastos!!!
a. Beach-VISAYAS—Boracay in Aklan to experience parasailing or diving (need to overcome my fear of deep waters hahaha!) or Bantayan Island in Cebu or try surfing in Siargao (pero hindi na Visayas to hehe);
b. Mountain-Northern Luzon—Mt. Pulag to experience longer hours of trekking (balian ng binti na eto!);
c. Waterfalls-LUZVIMIN—Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao or Tinago Falls in Iligan to experience jumping off a cliff (hahaha takot eh!);
d. Volcano-LUZON—Mayon Volcano in Albay to see the postcard-quality scenery ehehe;
e. Rock formations-MINDANAO—Cagayan de Oro to do rock-climbing or rappelling

9. See a real Penguin or Kangaroo!!! Hahaha! Wala lang, trip lang! Kung pwedeng mahawakan din, why not?! :)

10. Pose with a celebrity (pag local: pwedeng ma-meet si Carlo Aquino???!!! hehehe!) :D

11. Get a self-designed tattoo! / Do-it-myself (henna) tattoo and wear it for a week or two :D

12. Dance like a highschool/gradeschool kid! hahaha! Parang-tanga-moments! (Backstreet’s back alright! haha!)

Lahat ng nakalista sa taas bago, walang carryover from previous years’ list. Nagpapauso ako ng panibagong simula, ako na! hahaha! Bagong simula sa career at sa personal life. :) Kaya excited ako na tuparin lahat ng mga ‘to! Haha sana hindi ako tamarin! :D Hooray! :)

2 thoughts on “My 2012 Baket Least? (Bucket List)

  1. wow astig ka talaga psymer! certified bloggers ka na ngayon! i’ll support you with your baket list, why not choc nut! whehe! go gurl!

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