Eclipses and …

*i wrote this so-called poem during office hours… hahaha! slacker eh! i’m bored…I’m not busy, obviously… The left side of my brain is currently idle… hayst! :D*

Eclipses and Ellipses

How many times do we have to take a spin?
Eclipsing & getting back to where we have been…
The jitters it sends me, the fear it brings me,
Weaken me while I struggle to fight back this lunacy.
And in this rendezvous, we took another paradoxical eclipse,
With overflowing thoughts, we managed to keep these sealed lips…

How many times do I have to take a bad fall?
To spin out of orbit & slide down into the black hole…
The pain that scarred me, the craters it left me,
Keep reminding me of a bittersweet memory.
And then we found ourselves wandering around this galaxy again,
But I’m bound to get to the orbit’s imaginary end.

The eclipses always ended up with ellipses–there’s no closure…
Always hanging, always unsure…

3:00pm (Indonesia Time hehe)
Inspired by: Boredom
Dedicated to: the Sun


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