2010: All the way to Taal…

Super Backposting: 2010 Taal Volcano Adventure and Sidetrip to Tagaytay!

Date: May 8, 2010
With whom: Office Batchmates

Sunud-sunod ang gala namin nung May 2010—just a week after the trip to Pagsanjan Falls, we headed again to the South! This time, na-tripan naming puntahan yung Taal Volcano in Batangas. We met at around 6am somewhere in Las Pinas, then we headed to Tagaytay (near Picnic Grove ) to meet with our tour guide—a cousin of another officemate. After a 2-hour drive, we arrived in Tagaytay and drove again all the way to Taal Lake.

After more than 30 minutes, we were all ready to hop into the banca and sail across the Taal Lake! :)

Taal: In transit.. (via Taal Lake)

Taal Lake View :) ..oops! that's not the Taal Volcano! ehehe! --click image for a full view!

It was about a 20-minute ride before we reached the shores of Taal Lake. When we got off, madaming nakaabang na mga tao na nag-offer na sumakay kame ng kabayo, kase malayo daw yung lalakarin naming at sobrang init at maalikabok yung daan papuntang viewdeck ng Taal Volcano Crater! At first, we were hesitant, thinking na kaya naming lakarin yun! Isa pa, nagtitipid kame eh! ehehe! But then, after a few minutes of finalizing our plan, we decided to “rent a horse” hehe! And so off we went with the horse ride! Yah tigidig! ehehe!

The horse-ride to Taal Volcano Crater!  ehehe first time.. kapit!!!

It was not the normal horse ride—horse walk lang, slow-paced! Para lang kame namamasyal sa park! :) Totoo nga, sobrang init nung lalakarin papuntang crater! And oh by the way, it was my first time to ride on a horse, di ko kase ni-try dati sa Baguio, di ko trip! ehehe! So sa first time kong ‘to, kabado! It was a bit scary thinking kung panu na lang kung biglang nagtatakbo yung kabayo, may mga bangin kaming dinadaanan! ehehe! deads for sure! :) So nung sobrang kabado na’ko at hindi ko na maitago, sumakay na rin yung guide sa kabayo! ehehe!

After about 15 minutes, we reached the viewdeck of the Taal Volcano Crater! Ambilis lang pala—kase nga naka-kabayo kame! ehehe!

Taal Volcano Vewdeck :) --click image for a full view.

Pikchuran ever! hehehehe!
Here’s how the crater looks like from the viewdeck! :)

2010: All the way to Taal…

We rested and cam-whored at the viewdeck. Accordingly, to be able to get down at the mouth of the crater, we have to trek for a couple of minutes and the trail is a little steeper. We didn’t attempt to go down at the mouth of the crater, mukhang okey na kames a may viewdeck ehehe! Perhaps, I was less adventurous then! :)

There are souvenir items (e.g., shirts and keychains) at the viewdeck, but we haven’t bought one ehehe! Nagpahinga lang talaga kame sa may viewdeck eh! At nagkulitan at chikahan. So after a about an hour, we decided to start our descent back to Taal Lake. :)

Taal: On our way down... --click image for a full view

The trail down was super scary—ang tarik! Ang nakakatakot dun ay yung pagbaba ng kabayo, parang feeling ko masusubsob nako sa sobrang tarik ng daanan! At isa pa, mabato din pala yung daan na yun, kaya struggle yung mga kabayo sa’min! hahahaha!

Matapos ang lahat, sunug na sunog na kame! ehehe! Di na kame nagtagal sa may shore, dere-derecho na kame sa pagsakay sa banca pabalik dun sa may isang private resort nung kamag-anak ng tour guide namin.

Taal: In transit... --click image for a full view...

Ang aga, tapos na agad ang gala! :) Pero we didn’t go home yet. We decided to go back to Tagaytay, where we actually waited for our tour guide that morning. …at kami’y Tumambay sa Tagaytay! :D


2010: Tambay sa Tagaytay

Trek to Mt. Pinatubo Crater, Winner!

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