And finally it ended…

I’m talking about the Twilight Saga… I’ve watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 a while back and well, it was quite a movie! :D I think this is the only hype that I actually bought! I usually don’t go with what’s trending—the apathetic side of me! But with this, actually, I think I’ve watched the first 3 movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) on their first day of showing in the Ph! ehehe! excited lang?! Not much of a vampire fan though… more like a fan of the literal twilight, moon, eclipse and dawn… and oh again some kinda related to the literal Sun! :D Basta yun! That’s why I’m buying the hype! :)

But then last year, I had bad vibes about Breaking Dawn Part 1… Of course my other friends watched it November 18, 2011 (first day of showing I think, although it was a Friday). I would have joined them but I wasn’t able to, ‘cause I had a scheduled flight back to my hometown Zamboanga for a weekend vacation hehehe! I was supposed to watch it on some other days but then a bad thing, which was linked to the movie, happened… Well, it’s linked to ABTS! Oh the effect of ABTS on me! What an absurd reason huh? Hahaha! The weird thing is, I wasn’t over that bad vibes until this weekend! Excuse my weirdness! ehehe! :D

And so I decided to catch up before watching Breaking Dawn Part 2, which was, again, a while back. Trying to catch up on this saga, yesterday, I hurriedly went to Mal Ambasador to buy a DVD of Part 1! And I found one, and although the price was double the normal price of other DVDs, I didn’t mind ‘cause I really need to watch it! :D

But then, when I was trying to play the disc last night, I was just so out of luck—It wouldn’t play!!! Demet! It was kinda frustrating because I was so looking forward to it, and it just wouldn’t play! And again, that was frustrating! :/

So I watched Part 2 without an idea of Part 1 (because I haven’t, and I wouldn’t want to—-because I’m a lazy reader, read the book; but my friends said I didn’t miss much. Again, as I said, I was quite happy about the movie :). Finally, it ended! Hehehe!

And when I got home, I faced my laptop, hoping to be motivated to finish some office stuff before Monday. While I was trying to play some music, the disc inside the laptop made a sound which reminded me of the Part 1 disc. Suddenly, Windows Media Player prompted me to play the disc using InterVideo WinDVD, and just my luck tonight, it played!!! Asar!

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