Out of Orbit

[A sequel to Parallel Orbits]

When waiting for dusk or dawn becomes too frustrating,
would an eclipse be worth waiting for?
When faith can’t move the earth to give way to this feeling,
should I still keep knocking on heaven’s door?

When chasing through the skies gets too tiring,
would I still try to figure out what lies within your core?
When each fleeting glimpse is followed by a light year of suffering,
then I wouldn’t want to spin along this path anymore…

Get it over and done with,
I’m spinning out of orbit…
Personal Note:
Matagal bago ako nakabuo ulit ng matinong tula.. Siguro nga umaapaw na naman ang emosyon ko ngaun at hindi ko mapigilan ang magsulat.. Ayoko na! Ayoko na! Ayoko na! Kung ganun lang sana kadali ang paglimot sa isang taong sobra kong pinapahalagahan, eh di sana hindi ako laging nag-e-emote! Iheytwataymfeelingraytnow! :(

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