You Are…

***This is my ode to the Sun that got ignored hehehe! salamat na lang sa inspirasyon!***

Sweetly, you invade my reverie
Slowly, I become your canopy
I stand close yet i couldn’t see
…You are the hope that blinds me

You’re letting me slip away
Yet, I always fall prey
Unknowingly, you hold me in captivity
…You are the strength that weakens me

The solace that you make me feel
Takes me to a trance until
I stupidly wish time would stretch to infinity
…You are the reality that mystifies me

And so I orbit around your galaxy
But you hide behind the cloud’s obscurity
This time, I won’t ask you to be mine
…(My) sun, just don’t forget to shine…

8 June 2008, 7:16pm
Inspired by and Dedicated to: The Sun


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