A Sneak Peek: Traveling to 14 European Countries in 2014

…well half of year 2014, to be exact! Yes, you read it right. And you’re probably wondering how the heck I managed to travel to 14 countries within 6 months, considering that I am a full time (supposed-to-be-busy) auditor! Well, well, well… I think it all boils down to having that willingness to travel (and of course on having the travel funds and enough leave credits! Lalala!). It also entailed a lot of planning, of frequent visits to skyscanner.com, booking.com, and of the many searches about what-to-see’s, what-to-do’s, how-to-go-to’s, etc.!

Now I am currently struggling with getting my travel posts done! And yes, currently starting to plan for my 2015 travels, well, actually I already started traveling a few months back! Anyway, here’s a list of the countries that I went to last year for my hashtag14for2014.

1. Paris, France

01 Paris_Collage

2. AmsterdamZaanse Schans, the Netherlands

02_Amsterdam-Zaanse Schans_Collage

3. Brussels, Belgium

03_Belgium Collage

4. Rome-Vatican-Tuscany Region-Venice, Italy

03_Italy Collage

5. Geneva-Interlaken, Switzerland

05_Switzerland Collage

6. Bled, Slovenia

06_Slovenia Collage

7. Plitvice, Croatia

07_Croatia Collage

8. Frankfurt, Germany

08_Germany Collage

9. Ibiza-Alicante-Valencia-Granada-Seville-Madrid, Spain

09_Spain Collage

10. Stavanger, Norway

10_Norway Collage

11. Santorini, Greece

11_Greece Collage

12. Gdansk, Poland

12_Poland Collage

13. Reykjavik, Iceland

13_Iceland Collage

14. Istanbul-Izmir-Cappadocia, Turkey

14_Turkey Collage

That’s it! Separate posts soon (?). :)

And by the way, I tagged my Scotland trip as part of my 14for2014 project within this site. :)

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